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  1. Hi all just purchased this and wondered if it’s a known error or is it a novelty item? thanks
  2. daz

    1876 penny no H

    Boy did that post get some replies! For the record very close inspection doesn't show any form of rubbing etc around the "missing" H area so does not appear to be a removed H, but I do also believe you can make out a very light H I wanted the image to show as I believe, it is a blocked die nothing more and hope the better quality, none worn coin would prove this as I feel it does. 20K for it lol yeh right, more likely just 3 figures at a push as an interesting oddity. Also it wasn't sold as a missing H as it was found in a bulk lot along with a narrow date 1896 and a 1946 with the dot after one, not a bad £5 spent
  3. daz

    1876 penny no H

    this is a better quality with a missing H