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  1. There has to be a second referendum. Has to be. Parliament is paralysed as we hurtle manically towards the cliff edge.
  2. I bet whoever lost it was cursing at the time.......Nice find
  3. Well I know Theresa's quite a tall woman, but even so, the Queen is certainly quite diminutive in stature.
  4. The next and possibly final part of this collection is up for bidding on 20th/21st February, link here. Apart from a very nice Freeman 147, a bit disappointing - for me anyway. Although anybody in the early stages of a bun collection might find it interesting, as there are some high grade specimens on offer. Elsewhere in the auction, there is a F39A in VF.
  5. Looks as though dnw are doing this. Part 1 (which admittedly doesn't contain a massive amount) is on their catalogue for 13th/14th June 2018 auction. Whether succeeding parts will be added to this or subsequent auctions - well who knows at this stage? link
  6. Re: emboldened text above - that assertion is factually incorrect. Even on the first page of this part of your website here not only are currency denominations chaotically mixed up together, but additionally, the first penny on the first page is dated 1862, another further down is dated 1858, and another beyond that, dated 1861. By logical definition that is not chronological order. There is no confusion about the app. Any confusion clearly rests with you, as my paragraph above illustrates. If you're going to promote an app, it is odd not to make it available for all devices. Especially since it's conversely possible to access the website via tablet or smartphone, without the need for an app. As far as the quality of your photographs, you might like to examine the high resolution archive images available on LCA, DNW or Colin Cooke. But.......your call at the end of the day. Just be aware that cyber footfall to your website and thus your auctions, will be lower than if the valid criticisms were sympathetically taken on board, rather than condescendingly dismissed. That's all I have to say on this issue.
  7. Well you clearly overlooked this post, or have chosen to disregard it as of no importance. Also, why not develop an app which is also PC compatible? They do exist. You might also want to read through this thread posted in November 2017 and also critical of your website. Nothing has changed since then.
  8. Agreed, I'm sure David Cameron never expected for one second that the leave vote would succeed, and thus never even looked into the complexities/chaotic result of a clean break, to consider and pass on to the public. If he had so done, I'm pretty sure the outcome would have been different.
  9. Indeed, and both we and them underestimated its complexity.
  10. They'd have no choice than to accept it and act accordingly. I can't imagine the issue would be put to the electorate again, without a copper bottomed guarantee that the ultimate outcome would this time be immediately respected without further delay. The remaining extension to article 50 would no doubt be allowed to run its course, then we'd be completely out.
  11. No, not at all. That's a very fair way of doing it. Although No 3 could be "If deal, Mrs May's deal (or Norway/Canada +++) choose whichever" - given that no deal is, by default, WTO Of course, if we do go down the 2nd referendum road, I can only imagine the arguments and in-fighting which will result over the wording and choice of questions.
  12. We did make suggestions about 12 months ago - and if you have read this thread you will note that I made a very specific criticism a couple or so days ago. The shortcomings of your website have been made manifestly obvious already.
  13. Nor on mine. When I try I'm only given the option of loading onto my tablet. There is a drop down marker but there is nothing on it, bar the option to choose my tablet. I'd prefer to use my PC for auctions, not a tablet or smartphone which aren't as stable at critical moments. ETA: here's what I get on my PC when clicking the drop down button:-
  14. Precisely - and whatever option is presented to parliament, there won't be a majority to support it. They just can't agree. Whatever her shortcomings are, Mrs May is absolutely spot on in saying that those opposing her deal are quick to say what they don't want, but pretty much absent in giving any substantive view as to what they do want. In conclusion, as parliament are evidently incapable in arriving at a consensus, and collectively (all sides) have manifestly failed to end the uncertainty for both the general public and businesses, it is now incumbent on them to throw the issue open to the electorate in the form of a second referendum, or "people's vote", whatever it may be called. I just don't see any other way forward. Of course, if it does come to a second referendum, the next thing they will fail to agree on are the questions, and the precise form of wording, as each camp jockeys for position in favour of questions which will suit their side. One will want the WTO option dropped, and the other will want the remain option dropped.
  15. How else could it reasonably be done? The electorate are infinitely more aware of the full ramifications of Brexit now, than ever they were in 2016, and given the closeness of the vote then, it's entirely possible that a sizeable section of the 2016 leave vote, would now choose to vote remain. Moreover, there was a demographic split in voter intentions then, with the young predominantly voting remain, and the leave vote rising gradually as the demographic got older. Given that it will be younger voters who will be saddled longest with the outcome of Brexit, it's really only fair that the latest cohort to have reached 18 since June 2016, are also allowed to consider the remain option in a second referendum.
  16. The union should be solid, but isn't. Scotland wants a different outcome to England.....and the Northern Irish question - complex beyond belief.
  17. No 7 - just so !!! There has to be a 2nd referendum, with three options, a) remain, b) go with Mrs May's deal, c) leave on WTO terms. Slenderest majority of the three wins.
  18. What a mess. Where do we go from here?
  19. No, I prefer LCA. Whilst they too are far from perfect, at least their coins are set out in a logically sequential and chronological order. BSJ are a mixed up hotch potch, often with the same coin appearing on successive pages. Dreadful.
  20. Note to self: Avoid BSJ auctions at all costs, in order to preserve sanity.
  21. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Yes, I noticed that Richard. Curious. Thanks Gents - very useful info and much appreciated.
  22. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Thanks Pete. I vaguely recall reading the same at some point, but also can't remember where or when. Several years ago at least.
  23. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    I'm referring directly to Page 426 of Peck, and specifically to BM1699 - an 1874H (Freeman 73). What is the general opinion on the "grained edge" referred to (as extremely rare) by Peck? Are these a myth? Or if they do exist, were they elaborately tooled, post minting? At the back of my mind I seem to remember that Freeman mentioned them in his 1970 edition, but dropped them for the 1985 one.