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  1. That's "The 'Esseight' Collection of World Coins e-Auction". The other one: "Coins and Commemorative Medals: Summer e-Auction" is still flagged up for starting tomorrow, but the way it's going, that too will probably be postponed.
  2. Certainly no indication of that on the website. Did you call them, Richard?
  3. This coin appeared on a facebook coin forum, and the enquirer wants to know if the coin has been cleaned, or not. I'm honestly not sure. Any opinions.
  4. 1949threepence

    Cleaned or not cleaned

    OK, thanks chaps. Some incredibly useful information above, which I've passed on to the enquirer.
  5. 1949threepence

    1934 wreath crown

    Sounds very interesting. Obviously the 1934 is the really rare one, with a mintage of just 932. What's the issue uploading the pics?
  6. No worries, Richard. You just wonder what becomes of these unique items. Presumably in private hands, somewhere.
  7. Ah, thanks. Very interesting. Indeed, wonder what did happen to that. Lost in the mists of time. It can be seen here. Item No 24, page 197
  8. I'm probably missing something very obvious here, but I've got Peck's second edition in front of me, at page 440. There is reference to 1843 - an 1887 halfpenny, but I can't find any mention of it being gold, nor a relevant addendum. Can you point me in the right direction?
  9. I've taken a screenshot of the page, so if it does vanish into thin air, I can send an e mail with an attachment, asking what happened to it.
  10. Given their condition, I'm not sure they're really "penny acquisition of the week" class, but they are scarce and they were bargains. A 1903 open 3 and a 1911 hollow neck, Gouby X. I don't normally collect non Freeman ID'd pennies, but this one is so well known that I couldn't turn down the opportunity at just £30 (unopposed bidder).
  11. I don't get what the problem is. Surely they're not still adding further lots at this late stage.
  12. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Excellent, thanks. Only just noticed this as it didn't come up in my notifications.
  13. 1949threepence

    Is it just me? .....grrr...

    No it's not just you. I wasn't even aware of the term until somebody at work was reading from a menu of some description, and said "your latte will be served by a barista (except she pronounced it as "barrister") leading me to wonder what the hell a barrister was doing serving coffee. I think next time I visit Starbucks, I'll just snap my fingers and shout "waiter", when I want service. Barista just sounds pretentious.
  14. I wouldn't worry - it isn't on the app at all. In fact comparing the app with the main site, there is a disparity. Every upcoming sale is shown on the main site, even if not yet available to view, whereas some of the sales, even ones available to view on the main site, don't appear in any form on the app - eg: the two Philatelic Collectors series sale. Aka a hotch potch mess. Moreover, we're now just 4 days away, and still the coin e auction remains greyed out. Not good.
  15. 1949threepence

    I in BRITT in penny?

    As for scarcity, I guess you'd have to conclude that they're few and far between even in low grade, and exceedingly rare in high grade.
  16. 1949threepence

    I in BRITT in penny?

    Your own specimen is very nice, Richard. Can't be too many as good as that. The price of the dnw example presumably includes juice. Went for £2,200 hammer in September 2016 - link. The estimate was £800 to £1000 !
  17. 1949threepence

    I in BRITT in penny?

    Probably not nearly as many as that post melt. Although obviously very difficult to estimate the current number now extant. I really wouldn't like to hazard a guess, although clearly they are scarce. Despite the odd exception, the vast majority of those now in existence, seem to vary between NF and GF. I've managed to track down 8 which sold at auction over roughly the last 10 years, all in that grade bracket. £38, £80, £70, £65, £50, £40, £100 and £160 hammer - average £75.37. What has struck me is the inconsistency in pricing of this specific type. That's evident from the list above, and also from 2 other examples. The one was £30.00, which I'm pleased to say I've just bought and thus filled another gap. The other is up for £175, and isn't quite as good, with possible verd. Any thoughts on scarcity of this variety, and if you have one, what did you pay? (if that's not an impertinent question)
  18. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Oh absolutely. The 8/6 looks particularly nice - about VF, I'd say, although we can't see the obverse. The buyer will potentially more than triple what he paid, when selling.
  19. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    Yep - right on all three. F38, 8/6 and halfpenny date. Absolute for definite.
  20. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    But the fact it went for £800 would very strongly suggest a few rare varieties in it. You wouldn't pay that much for 60 tat 1862's.
  21. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    I think you may be right on the F38, Jon. Honestly not sure about the other two.
  22. 1949threepence

    LCA June

    Better luck next time.
  23. 1949threepence

    air traffic controller's speech

    Just shows you how many politicians just spout hot air and haven't actually researched and fully understood their subject. A few years ago one MP was caught out when doorstepping before an election, and defending EU regulations on using metric measurement. They then discussed something else. Just as he was about to leave, the householder asked him what his height and weight was, "Oh, 6' 2" and about 14 stone" came the reply. Then the householder asked him what that was in metres and kilograms - stumped !!!
  24. 1949threepence

    LCA June

    It didn't sell. Not a great surprise really. Interestingly the really nice F1 went for £700 - actually £200 less than the one I got in December 2017, which isn't as good. The F7 went for £600. The 1902 LT went for £300 and the poorly struck 1918H went for £320 (all hammer) Were you successful with any or all of your bids? Did they include any of the above?
  25. Yes, I notice that the stamp e auction lots are now available to view. That one is due to start on 11.6.19, the day before the coin e auction.