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  1. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Sounds like a very big job, Dave. I seem to remember you mentioning the copyright issue once before, and it all kind of fell on stony ground. Worth pursuing though - IMO any rate. Coin Monthly itself worked out of Sovereign House, High Street, Brentwood. I ought to have looked the place up when I lived down there, as I'm from Chelmsford, which is very nearby, and visited Brentwood a number of times. Not sure where the magazine was actually printed - maybe they would, in turn, know when the last edition was if they still exist. Sovereign House can be seen on this Google Street view - it's the place on the corner with the bins outside. If you close in, you can see "Sovereign House" on the blue plaque, upper side of the building. Looks like it's some type of clinic now.
  2. 1949threepence


    Can never understand why some people are so pathologically terrified of them. They've got infinitely more to fear from any person, than we have from them. A 3 year old child could kill one with ease.
  3. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    That'd be a great project.
  4. 1949threepence


    Yet spiders perform a great job. If they get into the house, I always let them be. I also leave a towel over the bath in case they get in through the plughole. Although if the cat spots one that she can get at, she'll be on it and have it eaten within a few seconds.
  5. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Pity. That would have been a very useful resource. As you say, he was unusually emphatic in his response. Moreover, if they were approached with a view to buying the CM title, that would suggest he might now have forgotten a very relevant date he once knew............possibly.....maybe.......buried deep in the archives.
  6. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Was that in response to an enquiry made by you, Chris? Although there is no connection, there are certain similarities between the two entities. Anyway, out of interest, I'll keep on trying to find out. At some point, later editions of either the magazine or yearbook will present themselves. If the very last magazine is flagged up as such, as last editions often are, we'll know for sure. But if not, we'll probably never know, unless somebody reads this and definitely does know that final date.
  7. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Of course, the actual question of when the last edition of the old Coin Monthly was issued, has still not been finally settled. We know for certain that it was no earlier than some point in 1992, but how much later is in some doubt. Unfortunately the latest Coin Monthly I have seen for sale, was May 1987. Nothing after that. Although I have seen a Coin Yearbook (from the makers of Coin Monthly for 1991, whilst the earliest Coin News yearbook I've seen is for 1994. Intrigued, I e mailed Token Publishing to see if they could cast any light on the issue, and I received this reply from a director (I think he may be editor as well):- So they don't know either. It all remains a bit of a mystery. But I will keep on the case.
  8. For me it's now the probably quite common problem of whether to completely defer any new coin purchases/purchases generally, for the time being, and save up a goodly sum in order to be able to afford something like Richard's superb purchase (my own ambition is a decent 1863 die No under date, or 1877 narrow date, either of which you're looking at several thousand pounds for, similar to the 112). Always assuming they then come up for sale, of course, and how long you wait. So many variables to consider in this scenario.
  9. Sheer class Richard. Beats a new bathroom any day.
  10. 1949threepence

    More Pennies

    I wish I'd seen the 176. It's a nice specimen.
  11. 1949threepence

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    From memory I think I paid £30 for the F20 & £50 for the F25. I wouldn't have expected more than £40 or £50 at the very most, when re-selling though. Upgraded with better specimens later. Hence the reason they were spare.
  12. 1949threepence

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    The + is for multi quoting, where you want to quote more than one post in your reply. If you click on the + a little box comes up which says "quote one post", which increases to two on the next post you press the + on. When you've got the number of quotes you need, then just click on the box which might then say, for example "quote three posts". It's a pity you didn't join a few months ago, as I had a spare F20 and F25, which you could have had. They were admittedly both sub fine, but problem free. However, I sold them to a dealer with a job lot of others, in part exchange for something else.
  13. Yes, considering it was used in an exclusively British magazine back then (1969) it is a bit surprising that it's transformed into an apparently American term over the years.
  14. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Thanks Dave - PM sent.
  15. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    Thanks Dave - if by some remote chance you have a spare first and second issue, from November and December 1966, plus the following:- From 1967 January, February, March, April, May, June, September From 1968 March, May, September. Once again thanks for any of the above you might hold as spares. ETA: if you do, let me know what you want for them.
  16. 1949threepence

    Coin Monthly Magazine

    I'm buying back copies of Coin Monthly from e bay and Amazon, and building up a collection. Some incredibly interesting and useful articles to browse through. From 1969 onwards it's easy to get full years. But December 1968 backwards, it's more patchy. The earliest one I've seen on offer is July 1967. So what precise date did it start - Dave or anyone? Thanks in advance.
  17. The shape of the gunk that's there, just makes it appear as though it might be an extension to the three. There's all manner of other crap in the exergue which is consistent with it not being part of an unusual figure 3.
  18. Point is, even if a further extension to 31.1.20 is agreed, this situation can't go on indefinitely. The EU won't budge on the backstop unless we can come up with some technological way of obviating the need for it. Parliament won't approve the current deal, so we're done. The only way out is a general election - which is absolutely unavoidable now - in which a conservative government is returned with a meaningful majority and/or a 2nd referendum.
  19. Boris will have asked him to anyway. Further rumours are that Viktor Orban of Hungary might join him.
  20. Near fine for me too, although LCA described it as VG (very good). A definition of VG is given in many of the old Coin Monthly mags as:- "The main features of the design are still distinguishable, with the date and legend readable. Mainly rare and valuable coins are collected in this condition when no finer coins are available". In The Standard guide to Grading British Coins, by Derek Allen (2009), "Very Good" is described as traditional US. Its UK equivalent is "Almost Fine", so we're on the mark with near fine, I reckon.
  21. Bernie, if you look on Richard's rarest pennies site for the F8, not all of them have the die crack, although the majority do, with one indecipherable. As far as the R & E of REG, the majority seem to have the tail of the R level with the base of the E - or am I missing something? ETA: By the way, I should add that the London Coins picture of mine, which is the last one in Richard's F8 collection, is completely the wrong colour. The colour shown above is the correct one (to the naked eye), not the biscuit colour they've somehow managed to get in their photo.
  22. The Freeman 8 mule I won at the LCA arrived today. Very pleased. OK, nowhere near the best available, but problem free and another really rare coin that doesn't come up for sale very often.
  23. The way things are going, that eventuality is looking far more probable than not. He is totally boxed in on all sides, and short of some unexpected miracle I see no escape for him.
  24. Boris Johnson.................words are failing me.