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  1. 7255carl

    Spotting dipped coins

    hi guys i was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers about spotting dipped coins from ebay photo's as i have seen lots of coins from 2 particular sellers, and they all look really bright and a friend of mine says they have probably been dipped, he also informed me that is not a good thing...i take it that is accurate. thanks in advance for your help carl
  2. Hi guys, i was always interested in my grandads coin collection thats where it started for me, which i eventually inherited, since then i have expanded by first filling in date gaps, but now i concentrate on UNC's, i just think there is something nice about bright shining coins with a little age, especially copper. Carl
  3. 7255carl

    2009 coins in change

    You look bang on the mark, i got a new 5p in tesco last night
  4. 7255carl

    new 20p coin

    hi all, apologies if this is a daft question, on friday i got a new design 20p coin in my change at the local supermarket, firstly have these coins been officially released yet as i have only seen 1p 2p and 5p until now (in circulation), secondly it struck me as odd that this coin did not have a year stamped on it....does anyone have any info on this? thanks in advance carl
  5. i will be registering in about 5 minutes, when i get a break at work , i think its a great idea, you have my full support carl
  6. 7255carl

    New 20p mule

    I found this article on the coin news website. Check your change everybody - after 25 years (the last instance being with the 1983 New Pence/Two pence reverse) the Royal Mint have let a mule slip through their usually strict quality control! The 20p coin has been minted with the old obverse and new "jigsaw puzzle" reverse so of course it has no date - at this stage we don't know how many coins got out but it won't be many so start looking! As far as we're aware this is the first time, since the advent of milled coinage certainly, that a circulating coin has appeared with no date. A Royal Mint spokesperson said: “The Royal Mint can confirm that a small number of new design 20 pence coins have been incorrectly struck using the obverse from the previous design, resulted in these coins having no date. “The issue has now been resolved and the Royal Mint would like to reassure members of the public that these coins are legal tender. “Prior to the new reverse designs which were launched in April 2008, the date appeared on the reverse side of the 20p. As the date on the new designs has been moved to the obverse side, minting the coin with the new reverse but previous obverse has meant no date appears on the coin.†thanks for the insight into this one, would you possibly be able to post the link to where you found this info, as i have one of these coins and would like to keep track of the progress thanks carl
  7. 7255carl

    new 20p coin

    hi everyone, just an update on this coin, a friend of mine contacted the royal mint about this for me as i was stuck at work and they are very keen on me sending it to them for analysis, so i have done... is this common?? thanks on advance carl
  8. 7255carl

    new 20p coin

    thanks for the response, i must admit im not a great fan of the new designs either, still confused as to why this one isnt dated carl
  9. 7255carl

    error coins

    thanks for the responses guys, it was along the lines i was thinking, and luckily the seller was a friend of a friend, so i have just politely given him it back, and said it wasnt what i was looking for. thanks again, great site and great members!! keep up the good work
  10. 7255carl

    error coins

    hi again, i was just wondering about the value of error coins, i have a 1963 3d that has a plain unprinted obverse, and was wondering about the value thanks carl
  11. 7255carl

    error coins

    Any pictures? If only one side is blank, my first guess would be that it was post mint damage. Does it look like it's been filed or sanded down? thanks for the response, heres the picture coin.doc
  12. 7255carl

    Spotting dipped coins

    thanks for all your help guys, the feedback is very interesting and informative carl
  13. 7255carl

    2008 10p old design

    hi guys, this is probably a stupid question but i got one of the above coins in my change this morning, and wondered if it was worth keeping, as the only 2008 silver i can remember seeing is the new design 5p, apologies if this is a bit of a daft question carl