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  1. My newest purchase. Am I right that it's "low tide" variety? Thanks
  2. Andriulis

    The John Brooker CHARLES 1 BOOK

    Hello, is it possible to send it to Lithuania?
  3. My recent purchase. Simple, but quite pleasing
  4. And another not penny Simple, but nice enough.
  5. My latest purchase. Not so nice as Nonmortuus showed, but I'm really happy with it.
  6. Pretty much so Pete Thanks dave and sorry andriulis i was a bit harsh. That was really good discussion. There was nothing to be sorry. I've got my answers and thank you for that.
  7. Hello, I need your help again. Could someone shown in pictures where is the difference? Is it only in portrait or in other details too? Thanks
  8. I'm glad, that my questions were useful for you PWA
  9. I've tried to contrast picture more. Maybe that will show my views better.
  10. Thanks PWA 1967. Could you explain a little bit more? Technically I try to look at the edge of the shield and moto in reverse. For me it corresponds to VF picture in "Grading British coins". Same in obverse - end of mustache, top of ear and hairlines are flattened, but still corresponds to VF picture. Where are my main mistakes? Thanks
  11. I'm only trying to work with "Grading British coins". It's still very possible, that I understood it's information not very correctly.
  12. Hello again, thats my new purchase. Am I right, that it's high relief obverse (Spink 4021)? And what grade could it be? I think it's VF, maybe slightly better, but weakly struck reverse. Any comments are welcome, be harsh. Thanks
  13. I'm still trying. Is that Spink 4021? Obv. 1? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1920-GEORGE-V-HALF-CROWN-EF-ESC-states-this-coin-is-scarce-/361288695494?hash=item541e7bfec6 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1920-George-V-Silver-Half-Crown-Scarce-GVF-/252000906274?hash=item3aac6cac22 Thanks
  14. Congratulations. Yours looks even a bit better than mine.
  15. It was sold as normal penny, so quit a bargain
  16. My latest purchase. Am I right that it's "low tide"?
  17. Hello, could someone help with florin 1911. According to Coincraft in 1911 there are two varieties - first and second obverse. But where is the main difference? Maybe someone could show in pictures. Thanks
  18. Hello, I need your help again - it's that hollow or rounded neck? I see hollow neck. Is that right? Thanks
  19. You can see that in Lithuania too.