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  1. The Royal Mint shop is selling a 1906 florin for... 942 pounds. Slabbed by CGS as "EF78", it looks more like a good VF from the photos (too much wear on Britannia and in the sea for it to be EF in my opinion). Even in EF, they sell for about one-third of that price. Maybe they looked at the wrong line in the catalogue and priced it as a 1905!
  2. Someone seems to have bought the 1906 florin at £942 (status has changed to "awaiting stock"). Same for this 1904 at a mere £775.
  3. I came across the November 1969 "British Coin Index" while clearing out before moving house. I must have inherited it from my dad, as I was only 6 years old in 1969. Some of the prices are quite interesting. Uncirculated Gothic Crowns seem a bargain at £185 (or £210 if you want the plain-edge proof), while poor old Churchill crowns haven't made much progress on the 37.5 pence quote in 1969. On the florins, my particular area of interest, there are some surprises. The 1932 UNC at £230 (not far off today's price in absolute terms) is more than the 1905 (£200) or 1925 (£220), while uncirculated 1849 Godless florins are only £34.
  4. Agree. I would buy the bottom coin (and not only because I don't like slabs). There seems to be some wear to the hair on the obverse on the slabbed coin. Here's mine, in case it's of any interest.
  5. This just arrived. Not the best condition, but exciting for me because I believe it to be Bull 3766, which I have found much more difficult to find than 3765. Plus it wasn't expensive!
  6. david.bordeaux


    MASS, Prof. Jeffrey White 2x2 paper envelope.
  7. This just arrived. It's an upgrade, which means I have a spare 1911 Proof looking for a good home. Not the same grade as this, but if anyone is interested, just drop me a PM.
  8. Purely based on density, a copper-nickel coin that weighs 22.5g would weigh 26.12g if made from .925 silver (assuming identical diameter and thickness). So this would support the assumption that your specimen could be silver (without proving it, of course!).
  9. Going through some more duplicates, two 1887s stood out for different reasons. The sixpence for its vivid blue colour. And the half-crown for the quite even toning.
  10. ESC lists 2 varieties for the 1920 florin, 3765 with the portrait as in previous years and 3766 with the portrait "in lower relief". I must admit that I find it difficult to tell them apart, but I suspect that mine is 3765 and @ozjohn has 3766? Grateful for any input.
  11. This Godless florin from my duplicates box:
  12. david.bordeaux

    1852 Florin Query

    Sorry to come to this thread late, but I have only just had a chance to compare with my 1852 florin. The only thing that stands out to me is the line running along the bottom of the bust. I wonder if the grader thought that this was an "alteration" or "repair"? In any event, @Paulus, you have a very nice coin.