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  1. They are all connected. The only point being that the A H Baldwin & Sons site isn't run or monitored by us here in the auctions. The Auctions tab on www.baldwin.co.uk shows either the "Auction Catalogue Archive" - these are the old Baldwin auction catalogues, or if you click the Auctions tab, it will take you to our website bsjauctions.com. These are the current auctions, of which are run by Baldwin's of St James's. If you click the Bid Live tab on bsjauctions.com it will take you to our live bidding site on Auction Mobility.
  2. @secret santa Thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on updating the PDF but the errors were spotted and corrected on the bidding sites sixbid and numisbids.
  3. @Descartes Hi there, apologies for this I'm not sure why the email hasn't been passed onto us. My colleague Emma will send the image over to you shortly. Any requests in future, please feel free to email courtney@bsjauctions.com or sam@bsjauctions.com
  4. @1949threepence @PWA 1967 correctly said above that the link you provide 'here' is in fact the A H Baldwin & Son's website, nothing to do with us here at BSJ auctions. In which case I think you may be referencing their image quality and not those of BSJ. The purpose of the app is to enable users on the go to bid via their phone or tablet, if you have access to a desktop computer there is no need to use an app when the website serves its purpose for bidding. Again, any issues in future or during bidding time please email either courtney@bsjauctions.com or sam@bsjauctions.com
  5. @1949threepence Our catalogues are laid out from the highest denomination down in chronological order. The app is made for tablets and phones, the website is designed for computers. I'm not sure what the confusion is or what would be the need? In terms of the 2017 post criticising the website, the images on the PDF are of course lower resolution as a viewer would struggle to open an 18GB file which we use for the printed versions. @secret santa Current and past auctions are viewable on our bidding site auction mobility, showing high res images and results. The main website shows past auction PDFs, and we use auction mobility to run our live auctions. If you have any issues in the future, please do email or call us directly as we rarely check forums for criticisms.
  6. The title of the thread is that everyone seems to be having difficulty with being approved to bid. I've just taken a look through the full thread again, can only see a mention of the app not loading on your PC. The app is only for phones and tablets. In terms of our website, bsjauctions.com is our main auction website. The two most used tabs are Auctions, which lists current and past auctions as PDFS with prices realised, and Bid Live which takes you through to the Live auction site - This is only available once a new auction is running. If you do have any specific issues, please give us a call at the office and we will be happy to talk through.
  7. @secret santa The registration section only takes two clicks to navigate to from our home page. From here it is an approval process which we must go through. Unfortunately, this does require someone to manually check bidders details and references. We always suggest registering at least 24 hours before, as this will avoid any disappointment in delayed approval during the auction. We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the process for bidders.
  8. Hi all, Courtney from BSJ auction team here. Myself and Sam take care of the auction registrations and approvals, so are always interested to hear your feedback. We always advise to sign up for bidding 24 hours before the auction, giving us time to process the request and for you to call us if necessary. Unfortunately, you will need to register and be approved for each of our auctions, this is a security measure for us to monitor who will be bidding in our auction. On our website, if you click Bid Live this will take you over to our bidding platform. The Auctions button will display any current auctions, and all past auctions. With the app, it won’t work on your PC, app’s are only useable on phones and tablets. You would have to visit our website to bid on a desktop computer. Any questions or feedback, please do let us know and we can look into it!