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    When is a "mule" not a "mule" ?

    PCGS think it is a Proof, which it is but is it not more pattern than proof?
  2. JimShillingford

    When is a "mule" not a "mule" ?

    Some mule eye candy
  3. JimShillingford

    When is a "mule" not a "mule" ?

    The word mule is interchangeably used with 'error'. Mules should mean coins that are not erroneous but are struck from unintended dies. Taking that view the Jersey penny won't be a mule. There is also an Obv 3 1862 penny as a matter of fact 🙄
  4. Interesting to me a pattern is a coin that has been struck for experimental purposes and generally has features that are different from coins in or intended for circulation, consequently few patterns ever see any circulation. The 1926, which in my opinion is a mule has seen some circulation and if it were offered in change no one would have taken a second look at the coin.