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  1. Haha, you know it! There are about 1000 old pennies to look through, loads of tokens, and a load of 1790- coins as well. Going to be busy every night after work! 😁😁
  2. Well, what a crazy day! Just spoken to CGB and it seems that they are indeed original, and were proofs/ideas submitted by Michaud in the hope of winning the commission for the coin! Which he did 👍 Super rare apparently, and worth about £3000!! I'm completely gobsmacked! 🤪🤪🤪
  3. Hi David, The "coins" are 37mm in diameter, so not "tiny". What is VG, another online resource? I've sent an email to CGB this evening, so hopefully they'll get back to me soon. It's really interesting this numismatics lark!
  4. Haha, thanks. I'm just sorting through a load of coins that my wife inherited, and coins are a new thing to me, so the whole day has been very interesting! I've got loads of cool finds to investigate, including a Restoration of Ferdinand IV medal !
  5. Thanks for the information Rob. The two pieces weigh a shade under 20 grams. Heavier than a silver half crown, which is smaller, and only 7 grams less than a much bulkier Churchill commemorative coin (not sure what it's made of). I'm in the middle of nowhere in France, so I don't have anywhere to go to test the metal unfortunately. Would I be right in assuming that this is a rare find? Thanks in advance
  6. Oh and I forgot to show the Chamois leather pouch it comes in; somebody obviously wanted to look after it!
  7. Just rang the museum and they're closed for renovation work. CGB is next on the list.
  8. I'm interested in the research side of things for the moment, don't want to get too excited too soon! Any ideas on who could I approach for more information on it?
  9. WOW!! Excellent searching!! Fingers crossed!
  10. There's the exact same single faced 5 Franc side in the Paris Museum. Wonder if they want to buy another? http://parismuseescollections.paris.fr/fr/musee-carnavalet/oeuvres/essai-uniface-pour-la-piece-de-5-francs-de-louis-xviii-1815-0#infos-principales
  11. Thanks for the reply UN. I've had a look at other listings on the site, and "tranche", in this case, refers to the edge of the coin. Still no more joy....
  12. I found this, but this this is a single solid coin, unlike the two halves (single faced "coins" I have) https://www.cgb.fr/essai-au-type-adopte-de-5-francs-de-michaut-en-argent-tranche-inscrite-1815-paris-vg-2454-sup,v18_1948,a.html
  13. Would anyone please be able to give me some more information on this, as I can't find anything similar online? They are actually two single sided "coins" that came in a tiny wooden case. Thanks!