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  1. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    So it’s been a few days since I last posted and let’s just say I haven’t stop staring at coins. I have bought a few and I’m trying to gain some knowledge on the whole thing but it’s hard to know where to start i.e. a particular time period. Maybe I’m trying to go to quickly?
  2. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    Yep just seen it 👍🏻
  3. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    Thanks i feel the temptation building to buy every random coin I see... must stay calm and learn some more. Can anyone recommend any books on the subject?
  4. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    I have to say the military commemoratives are more for nostalgia so it’s a budgeted option. Thank you all for your comments I shall try to continue to educate myself and not be too hasty in my purchases.
  5. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    Hi Ian thanks for the tips. I’m not sure where my interest has come from but I’m ex armed forces so the commemorative coins are a good way for me to have a link with coinage. And if my eventual collection brings a small amount of wealth to my children then that would be a bonus.
  6. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    Thanks, well I suppose I’ve just gone from novice to beginner 😀
  7. Jamie Bergman

    Complete novice

    Hello, as the title would suggest I am a complete novice to coin collection. Is there a “starting point” to this? Where are the best places to acquire coins? i have looked on eBay and have purchased some commemorative items from the royal mint. But, any other advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.