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    What is this?

    Thanks Paddy, I'll drop him a line
  2. zogster

    What is this?

    Thanks! I can't see any signature, on either face or on the edge (which is smooth). I'm just helping my mother out figure out what it is... she's had it for years, and it was given to her by (I believe) her grandfather, but she doesn't know anything more about it than that. And I agree that it's beautiful... also in good condition, as i think it's hardly been out of the original box edit: the typography strikes me as a little unusual, as it looks quite modern/futuristic rather than traditional. I'd expect a coronation commemorative item to lean more conservative/traditional in its design. But I'm saying this knowing nothing about medals and coins.
  3. Hi folks, I'm trying to identify this... seems to be a commemorative coin or medal for Edward VII's coronation, but my feeble Google efforts haven't matched it to anything I can find online. Any ideas?