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  1. As a pretty new collector it is very inspiring to see all the beautiful coins posted in this thread. Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos!
  2. partridge

    Storage of sixpences in lighthouse capsules

    I received my Quadrum Intercept cases today and I'm very happy with the way they hold my sixpences. The fit is quite tight and I found it a little bit fiddly getting the coin in without touching the face. I ended up fitting them in mostly with my hands holding the rim and then making minor adjustments with a clean cotton bud to press on the edge of the coin faces to get everything neatly installed. Now that they're in, the coins are held very securely so it's safe to pick up the cases and admire my coins. Thanks to everyone in this thread for their advice!
  3. partridge

    Storage of sixpences in lighthouse capsules

    Thanks all for your comments. I am going to get a quadrum case and a round foam-ringed case and see which works best. I'll also look into the coin trays if my collection grows! Although I doubt I'll ever reach 400!
  4. partridge

    Storage of sixpences in lighthouse capsules

    Hi craigy, I see that you said actually that you had trouble with Quadrums. So did you mean something like these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-ringed-coin-capsule-Airtite-10mm-11mm-12mm-13mm-14mm-15mm-16mm-17mm-18mm-19mm-/140953359143?var=&hash=item20d1799327:m:mjY1lRwlRzRPFIJEOU8zQdg Thanks for your help!
  5. partridge

    Storage of sixpences in lighthouse capsules

    Thanks everyone for the comments so far! I like the look of the quadrums, I think it's definitely worth trying one, thanks PWA! Based on craigy's comment it seems like this could be the solution I need. Andy Jack is actually where I bought my capsules and I found the 19mm hard capsules too small for sixpences, which is how I ended up with 19.5mm. But I haven't tried the foam ones, which might have a bit more give, making 19mm the best option.
  6. Hi all! I am new to the forum and also quite new to coin collecting. I've recently acquired some high grade Edward VII sixpences (1902 and 1906) and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the best way of storing these coins so as to not do any damage to them. I bought some hard Lighthouse coin capsules with 19.5mm diameter. These seem pretty good as they're close to airtight and obviously the hard case protects the coins too. However, the problem I have is that the cases are too deep for the coins - probably something like 3-4x the thickness of the sixpence. Therefore, if I turn the case over to look at the other side of my coins they move within the case and hit the case wall. I can slowly the turn the case over so the impact is not too hard, but all the same I am a bit worried that this could damage the coins in some way. So I'm wondering if maybe I should investigate something other than Lighthouse capsules for these coins. How do you keep your sixpence (and other!) coins that are high grade?