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  1. Hello, does anybody here deposit predecimal coins into their UK bank accounts on a regular basis? if yes, can you describe the experience, e.g. do they need to be hand counted, or can they be weighed in bags like normal circulating coins? I have occasionally successfully deposited the old large 5p/10p/50p coins into UK banks in the past decade, but have never tried any predecimal. I am asking because I have currently driven to southern Italy for work and I have the opportunity to acquire a large amount of British coins from charities. These were received when tourists visited the UK and brought our coins back home to the continent. Most are normal coins which I can just deposit into my bank accounts (over a period of several weeks), and anything worth keeping has already been taken out. They will let me keep a percentage of the total value after the amount is known. I am just not sure if I should bother bringing the predecimal coins back to the UK. There aren't that many as obviously they've been out of circulation for ages, and the charities say that the last time they got someone to drive the coins to the UK was in the late 1990s, when apparently predecimal coins were still easily deposited.