Sixpence 1880 PCGS MS64 (UNC)


An interesting, scarcer variety that isn't in ESC but appears to have been listed by Davies in 'British Silver Coins since 1816'. 

The Queen has a faint but clear lock of hair on her cheek and the bust is the third young head. At first I thought that the lock shouldn't be there as the third bust coins have no lock on the cheek according to ESC - further research would seem to indicate that of the two Davies listed varieties for 1880 sixpences, the no. 1097 coins have this lock on the cheek and the other distinguishing features of fatter border teeth and the 'I' of GRATIA pointing to a tooth, although Davies doesn't mention the lock of hair or absence thereof as a distinguishing feature.

The more common 1880 sixpence is Davies 1098, which has smaller, thinner teeth and on all the examples I have seen - no lock on the cheek.

This delightfully toned coin has been graded by PCGS as MS64.

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