Florin 1967 ABU-BU
1746 Halfcrown

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British Coins and Collecting Accessories

Predecimal.com - Just me specialising in British coins from about 1660 onwards and offering collectors' accessories, books and free knowledge on this interesting and fulfilling field. This website also contains the biggest British Coin related forum in the world, with over 120,000 posts it's quite possibly the largest British numismatic reference of any kind. It's searchable, free and everyone is welcome.

Back in stock, and back on offer. All orders of £30 or over will receive a free pack of these coin envelopes. I'll add them automatically to your order.

This website is run by Chris Perkins - British Numismatic Trade Association Member (the BNTA), professional numismatist, occasional broadcaster, author of the 32nd to 40th annual editions of "Collectors' Coins GB", and of "Collectors' Coins - Decimal Issues of the UK", co-author of a number of other books! Please see Rotographic.com for more details on my range of books.

With a base in Germany I am also able to offer a large range of collectors accessories at the best possible 'direct from the factory' prices.

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Linder Collecting Accessories PDF - Click Me!

Full range of Lindner products available on predecimal.com!

Lindner products combine excellent quality and value. Click on the Lindner image above to download the full (older, but still current) Lindner PDF catalogue (18mb). Browse through it and enter the reference numbers, without spaces, of what you require in the 'Search Products' box in the left hand blue pane. Purchase items in the usual way. Note that the PDF prices are in Euros - The prices on predecimal.com are the GBP equivalent, or in some cases, actually even cheaper!

Product Prices and Postage Costs reduced due to the weak Euro!