India Twelfth Anna 1920 UNC to Ch. UNC

8+ $1.30

I purchased about 700 of these Indian 1/12th Anna coins. Each is uncirculated, but of the 700, only a small proportion of them have qualified as being Uncirculated or better...and here they are!

Each of these coins is as struck with at least 50% lustre and often a lot more. It's quite remarkable for any over ninety year old coin to have survived this nice. Also, Indian coins are very affordable too (some would say undervalued) compared to other coins of a similar age. A further discount is offered when 8 or more of these coins are purchased.

At the time of writing I have lots available, but once they're gone I'm unlikely to ever find any more.

The image of a 1921 coin is for illustrative purposes only.

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