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1797 Cartwheel (Help with Peck Type Please)

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First posting on Predecimal; so hope I have done this right!

Thinning down collection over the winter, including some Cartwheel pennies which is not really an area I collect. Came across this one and struggling to identify variety. Can see something in Peck about a proof reverse having detached leaves on olive- branch also weak rigging and sea beneath ship. Have I really got a proof coin here or are these features also present on currency dies as well? Coin is in good condition so think these weak areas must have been present when originally minted. Thanks to anyone who has better expertise of 1797's and able to shed some light. P.S. Can take more pictures if helps!





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It's just a currency piece struck from a very worn die that has probably been polished to remove rust spots of which there is ample evidence on Britannia's legs and in the legend. You can polish the fields easily, but not the incuse detail on the die.

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Thanks for reply Rob, appreciated. Also the warm welcome from Pete, are you the guy who bought some coins from me for your son's starter collection, sorry to ask but don't know you as PWA 1967?

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