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Types, Varieties & Micro-Varieties!

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2 hours ago, Rob said:

A ridge around the rim is often seen and is due to a small gap between the flan and collar which allows a small amount of metal flow into the gap. That doesn't mean anything regarding whether it is a forgery or not.

Thanks for the info .That explains it .

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I'd repeat what I said a few years ago in relation to 1957 halfpennies, if anyone is interested:

I would regard the 1957 'calm sea' 'wavy sea' varieties hover between major and minor - yes, you have to look at just one feature (the waves), but it is a glaringly obvious difference in my opinion and I'd personally rank it as a major variety. What I would term 'micro' are the precise differences between the ship on the reverse of each date of Elizabeth II halfpenny. Each one is a minutely different size, but not interesting at all (to me, anyway).

As for the precise position of the 7 in the date on 'calm sea' halfpennies, that seems the ultimate in 'micro' to me.

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