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The job i do involves travelling the length and breadth of the country installing,repairing,upgrading agricultural machinery.

Recently on a farm in kent i serviced a fertiliser spreading machine and when finished waited to see it working,the farmer loaded it up with manure and then began chucking in huge amounts of what appeared to be shredded paper,on closer examination i couldnt believe what i was seeing!Take a look at the picture it is a tiny sample i grabbed from a pile that was easily 10 feet in height and at least that in width shredded £20 notes!

The farmer was amused at how excited i got and went on to explain that the paper contains certain chemicals that are good for the soil when it rots down,he also said that sometimes he gets £50 notes as well!

The term "cash crop" certainly rings true :D

post-4770-079060300 1311536649_thumb.jpg

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I would prefer his crops to the farmers who use sludge cake (processed sewage :huh:).

If you knew what ended up at treatment plants and is converted to cake you wouldn't eat vegetables. :blink:

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Ah, that takes me back! I did my work experience at the BofE printing works way back in '91. I got a full tour of the money making process and even got to hold £100k in cash! I think I've still got a little souvenir bag of shredded notes somewhere - gave up trying to piece it back together after a couple of hours...

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