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Henry VIII Hammered Silver penny

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I'd like to share my latest find with you all, its a Henry VIII hammered Silver penny (Sp.2331) Durham mint mm. lis with TD above the shield - Bishop Ruthall (1509 -23). The coin is only the second Durham mint coin to be found in Durham City so I have made history! I have had it analysed at the Archeology Dept at Durham Uni and its mean concentration of elements reads; Ag 97.95 Wt%, Cu 1.54 Wt%, Au 0.19 Wt% Pb 0.17 Wt% & Sb 0.15 Wt%. Apparently the dark staining can be removed but I have suggested that it should be left as it is. Being aware of the importance of the coin it is now in the safe hands of the Durham Universites Durham Palatinate Mint Coin Collection (Medieval coins from the bishop's mint in Durham), I am much happier that many will now have access to the coin rather than me showing it to a handful of visitors to my home!

The legend may read 'Henry by the Grace of God King of England' - not to sure though.

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Ag 97.95 Wt%, Cu 1.54 Wt%, Au 0.19

Wow, that is early in Henry's reign, obviously by the end of the reign Cu would have been much higher in percentage. I am not surprised that trace amounts of Au showed up, could have been a coin it rubbed against, but the silver percentage should not be that high, and I wonder how accurate the Medieval metallurgists were, ie the coin should be 92.5% Ag.

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