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Inherited Coin Collection from Grandparents

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Hi All,

This is my first post here and I'm although I'm new to coin collecting, it's something I've been interested in somewhat for a while now.

So, when I inherited a small coin collection from my grandparents fairly recently - I had absolutely no idea where to start... but I see it being a stepping stone to growing some sort of collection.

Knowing the monetary value of each coin is one thing, but I've genuinely struggled to identify what each coin is.

Having said this, I have done some research and think I may have identified what each coin may be.

I would love to share the collection with you (link provided below); if anyone would be kind enough to provide any further information on any of the coins photographed I would be immensely grateful!

In addition to this, if anyone knows where such coins can be valued, I would be pleased if you could point me in the right direction.

Kind regards,


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That is a very pleasing inheritance and a great starting point for a collection!

You seem to have the basic identification of the monarchs on each coin correct. It would help to add the denomination to the description as for some coins only the size differentiates one denomination from another. For example the Queen Anne 1707 could at first glance be anything from a Crown down to a sixpence, each with a different value. If you are unsure of the denomination, add a scale so we can advise.

As to how to value the collection, there are two main approaches:

- Learn enough to do it yourself. Buy the book (Spink Coins of England) and read up on how to grade, then assign a value based on your acquired knowledge.

- Get hold of an expert. You can find local coin dealers online or at a coin fair, or you can go to an auction house. Bear in mind they will be looking at the coins mostly with a view to what they could buy or sell them for. Some dealers will do an Insurance valuation, but quite rightly they would charge for this as there is no profit for them in the deal.

I can't see anything in there that is outstandingly valuable, and one, the 1977 Crown, has virtually no value. Unless you are planning to sell them, why not just enjoy them as they are rather than worry about their precise value? In any case, any value is only an opinion and only becomes fixed when you sell it. Good coins can go for peanuts on a bad day, and poor coins for a fortune on another.


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Thanks for sharing photos of your coin collection. The sentimental value of such an inheritance is priceless and could be the catalyst to spark off an interest in coins. :) 

Many of the coins are very collectable but none are in particulalrly high grades. You can have a look at the London coins website to see what how the coins would look in high grade / mint conditions. https://londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=185&searchlot=2360&searchtype=2&red=1

The Charles II fourpence and 1687 are maundy coins and not intended for circulation. Hence they have good details despite their age. The 1834 (and probably 1887 half crown) was removed from a brooch and hence the marks. (In general, scratches, edge bumps, previous cleaning also lower value.)

You have a nice selection there. (At a glance, I imagine the collection is worth several hundred pounds.) Like Paddy said, enjoy them!


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I would very much echo the "buy a book" sentiment. Collectors Coins Great Britain which is sold by the forum owner is a good starter.

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