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Unusual Charles I Halfcrown

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Recently bought as S.2775.

I have as S.2773, Bull 292b/23.

Bull comments Rev "Colons, most unusual".  Are there many about? 


Bull 292b 23 Obv.jpg

Bull 292b 23 Rev two colons.jpg

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No idea as I haven't looked, but presumably only this reverse die or maybe an unknown second one. It's a die match to the one in Bull once you have sorted out the double striking.

As a tun 3a1 variety it's bound to be rare as there are huge numbers of single stop dies with only a handful of 4 pellet stop dies to add. I would have thought the survival rates would be similar to other die pairs unless there were indications of a rapid disintegration (or a mint fresh hoard came to light), but don't know what that number is.

There were examples in the North Yorks Moors and Tooze collections in DNW's archives.

Edited by Rob

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Thanks for the response Rob and the Noonan's/North Yorkshire Moors collection reference.  They had some fantastic pieces in their 20 January 2020 auction.  Their Lot 899 (Bull 292b/23) just being one of many different coins.


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