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Uk 123

Marking on Third Guinea

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Hi, my first post on here. I’ve collected coins for a number of years, but recently came into possession of a George 111 third Guinea which used to belong to my dad, and I’d only ever seen it when I was younger. It has a marking that I always assumed was a hallmark, but can see now it’s not! Does anyone have any idea what it is? Has somebody just decided to put a mark on it at some point. Would be really interested to find out, but I really like the coin as it is, despite this marking.


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It's (very) difficult to know why someone has stamped those letters on your coin or when it was done. Coins / banknotes do get defaced very occasionally when they were currency and often for not very good reasons.

Since it is passed down, I think it is best to treat it as a sentimental item and a little piece of family history.

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Posted (edited)

Sometimes these marks were struck by silversmiths, using their makers marks - after all it helped if you had a punch to hand. But it is probably impossible to prove, unless you can find a match. I can’t find an identical “TW” though some of these are close.



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