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How to sell an old Stetson hat

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Having a clear out and came across an old Stetson hat which my wife was left over 20 years ago, think it's from the 1960's. 

I was going to stick it on ebay, but my wife seems to think that it may be worth something more than I will achieve on ebay.

Just wondering if there may be any American members who  know a little more than me about this.....which would be anything at all.

e.g. should I be trying to find an auction house, or is that just wasting my time?

There's a picture of a cowboy inside the hat, seems to be giving his horse horse a drink...presume out of a Stetson hat!?


Stetson 1.jpg

Stetson 2.jpg

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Make sure you don't sell it to a cowboy trader.

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