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Identification - coin / token / something else?

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I am not sure if I have this in the right forum, or indeed if this is a coin (vs. a token or something else entirely) - but I recently inherited this from a relative and wondered if anyone would be able to identify the 'item' shown in the images, or point me in the right direction if I am in completely the wrong place?


The images in the coin capsules show the depth of detail and colour as it is when viewing in hand (versus the sizing photographs with the ruler in which the detail appears to have been swamped by the lighting).


Thank you for any help you can give.

Image #4.jpg

Image #1.jpg

Image #2.jpg

Image #3.jpg

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It would appear to be a lead token of some description, possibly a metal detector find. It is quite large at just over 2cm, and is quite unusual in its design. I wonder whether it is the sort of thing purchased at a mediaeval shrine on a pilgrimage,  one side could easily be a representation of a rood screen and the other perhaps an aisle or arch with figure representations.  Certainly not a typical lead farm/trade token.

Do you have any idea of how it was found?  It won’t be of much value, but if you have any provenance you could show it to your local Finds Liaison Officer.


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Thanks for the reply Jerry.


Unfortunately I have no idea about background, but I do agree it looks like a metal detecting find, although I suspect my relative purchased it rather than found it personally - shame about the value, but I like it as an interesting object regardless.


Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.



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