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James 1 Shilling, grapes/coronet mule? fake?

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Hi all, 

I came across this shilling - the condition is of no discussion really. The interesting point was the obverse/reverse initial marks. I was curious if this was a mule where the obverse would be grapes and the reverse would be coronet? It is difficult to see detail on the obverse mark, other than it is clearly not a coronet and resembles the silhouette of the grapes (the im preceding the coronet). I did not see any reference in Spink or North; also, I realized that I am not even sure those references would list known mule varieties of coins. I also did not see mention in early Morrieson papers in BNJ.

The other option is that this would be a fake with superior lack of attention to detail. Which would be less interesting...

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


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I realize it may also be helpful to note that at the wider point of the coin, it measures about 31mm which is appropriate. The weight is 5.69g, which given the condition also would appear to be appropriate in my mind. 

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It certainly looks like it is muled marks, but could be crown over grapes. For some reason, the legend is often a but squashed in at the mark on a few shillings I've seen, so I think it is probably genuine. The harp strings look a bit crude, but the blocked letters such as the E are often seen in this period and a copy is unlikely to replicate this. Weight is ok. 

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