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Silver Roman Denarius - Republic?

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I've had this a few years.  It came with a couple of other other silver Denarius coins. Wasn't ably to identify it as some of the legend is missing. Is it from the republic? If anyone can recognise the emperor I'd be grateful. 

Thanks.  🙂 




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Certainly not Republican. I think it is Commodus as Augustus, 177 to 192 AD. Legend is one of three variations similar to M COMM ANT P FEL AUG BRIT, types L M and N in Sear.

I can't be sure of the reverse - there are lots where there is some God or other standing and holding various items with long and complicated legends around the edge. Legend ends COS III I think, but Sear does not list all of the variations. It could be S5654 - Libertas holding pileus and sceptre - or similar.


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Thanks...  I'll take a look at some better silver coins of Commodus and compare. 

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