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Relative rarity of several 17th and 18th century coins

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Hi There,

Wanted to get forum members opinion on the rarity (i.e. lack of availability and cost) of the following coins, that seem quite unavailable with an R2 or lower rarity rating:

1682 sixpence sixpence (not the over date), no examples on London Coins auction prices realized in 15 years.

1680 sixpence, 2 examples in 15 years from same source.

1735 Half Crown, handful of examples from same source in last 15 years and only rated scarce in ESC and Bull?

Ok I know London coins isn't the reference guide but it seems very hard to locate any of these coins?

Also while we are here, any other 17th/18th century coins in same boat?

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1669 and 1678 crowns are very under-rated.  They are at least as rare as 1665 and 1675, the 1669 probably more so.  I've seen/heard about only 5 or 6 1669's in 40 years of collecting crowns, and about 10-12 1678's.   I've only ever seen/heard of two 1669's above F.   

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