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Coronovirus-related email

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1 hour ago, Coppers said:

Just received the following email from The Coin Cabinet...


All sensible stuff. I did like this tongue in cheek contribution:-


5. Include a free luxury toilet roll for orders totalling over £5,000 (subject to availability).


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I'm afraid my BS detector was set off very quickly by the Coin cabinet letter. Seems to me just to be a shameless attempt to turn people's fears into a selling opportunity. Remind's me of the Blair and Cameron spin days!


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Just received this quality e mail from Spink:-

Dear Friends and Clients,



You will have received numerous similar emails in the last few days from all your main providers of goods and services.

Like all other emails, this is to confirm to you Spink will operate in full compliance with all health and safety recommendations, and that your safety and the safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us.

However, we realise that many of our customers are currently confined to their homes, or soon will be. We also understand for those who are confined at home, in addition to spending quality time with their loved ones, quite a few will spend more time with their personal collections to try to take their mind away from the current Covid19 crisis and its trail of desolation.

Also as most of you already know, our SpinkLive live auction platform and e-auctions are widely acclaimed as best-in-class by many collectors. If you have not yet tried it please download it from the App Store for Apple and from the Google Play for Android.


This is why we have decided to continue our auction program for as long as we can. Even if confinement in London or New York is ordered for all its population, we will do our best to continue to operate from our homes. The bright news is that our Hong Kong office, which was severely affected two months ago, has continued to operate efficiently through the crisis and things start to look better again there. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel when people follow the sanitary instructions to protect the community. 

The auction rooms might be a bit less attended than a few months ago, but it will just be a continuation of a trend, which has been present for many years as room bidders in many auctions now account for less than 10-15% of the successful buyers.


So, our next auction, The "Dubois" British Commonwealth Collection of Stamps and Covers will start on 18 March at 10 AM at Royal Philatelic Society, London (HQ)




British Coins and Commemorative Medals: Spring Auction | 24 March | 10 AM (GMT)

Prof. Yih-Tzong Hsu Collection of World Banknotes | 7 April | 10 AM (BST)

World Banknotes | 7 April | 12 PM   ||   8 April | 10 AM (BST)

Charity Auction of Bank of England Notes | 8 April | 5 PM (BST)

The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale | 14 April | 2:30 PM   ||   15 April | 10:30 AM (BST)

British Borneo Stamps and Covers | 16 April | 10:30 AM (BST)

Orders, Decorations and Medals | 22 April | 10 AM (BST)


Feel free to contact our specialists by email or telephone if you want to discuss some collectables you might wish to sell (after sorting some duplicates for example), or to get a condition report on a lot coming to auction, or simply to have a chat about your area of collecting because you are just suffering from the “social distancing” now imposed on many of us. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff at Spink who are dedicated to providing continuous service to you over the next few weeks, months and years. Hopefully, without interruption. You might find us too optimistic, maybe it is in our DNA, as within a month of being set up in 1666, Spink had to face the black plague and the Great Fire of London.  

Please stay safe, follow the rules, so together our communities can defeat this nasty virus as soon as possible, and we can all go back to what is the spirit of life, human interaction and new adventures.


Yours truly, 


Olivier D. Stocker 

Group Chairman & CEO




We are here to help, please contact us at




67-69 Southampton Row | Bloomsbury | WC1B 4ET | United Kingdom






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