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Striking Errors - bronze and copper

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Just curious if anyone has any examples of some higher grade bronze or copper pieces (including the decimal 1 and 2 pence) the result of striking errors, in particular:

  • Brockage 
  • Clipped planchet
  • Off-center strikes
  • Coins mistakenly struck on a bronze or copper planchet

These are the sorts of things you see on eBay either as spurious or overpriced - and generally in too low a grade; not often do they appear in auctions (which I can't keep up to date with anyway) or dealers' lists. 

Shouldn't be too difficult finding these for anything 20th century but never seen anything I'm happy with.

This'd do (weakness at opposite side also clear, shown marked):


This would definitely do:


Undersized flan:



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You might want to look at R. Ingram's current list and the catalog for the DNW sale on 5-6 June - both have some decent examples of modern British errors at reasonable prices/estimates.

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