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U.S. Penny con tricks

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Here we go again- amongst a hundred similar:




Now given that his neg feedback clearly shows what's going on, my question is this:

Are U.S. penny collectors more gullible than U.K. ones,

or are U.S. sellers more blatantly dishonest than U.K. ones?


I haven't looked at all the postings this week like this, so they are 'unsearched',

....maybe there's a gem or two out there that will make you rich?

See what I did there?

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This is super common in the US on eBay and the like

Unfortunately these keep on being popular due to the nostalgic factor of wheat pennies here in the US combined with their low value and a desire to possibly make a bit of money

Here in the US, almost every kid is introduced to coin collecting in some form or another by their father or grandfather with the wheat penny usually one of the blue whitman folders, even those who do not really collect coins seem to get one. Anymore though, wheat pennies are a rarity in circulation (back when I used to go through boxes and boxes of coins, I found probably 20-30 wheat pennies per box of $25 face) which makes it hard to obtain them. Anymore the majority of local coin shops quite simply don't buy them with the exception of the key dates (1909-S VDB, 1914-D, etc.) and concentrate almost exclusively on bullion or higher-valued coins. Because of this, its seen to be more "fun" and "authentic" to buy these overpriced lots in order to fill the folders, most casual US collectors care little about condition compared to date/mintmark

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Thank you for that- you've explained a lot.

Here's one I've just seen from Clickbait City Coins:



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