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January 2019 Strike Your Own

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I'm off to the RM tomorrow to bag me a couple of SYO 50p's.

To start the year off, they will be the old "New Pence" reverse. I'll also see what's new on the shelves while I'm there, and will probably spend a few more minutes drooling over the Victoria proof set in the big pink heart shaped case.


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Have a nice visit and don't forget to bring us all back a few goodies as well 😁

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I got some goodies.. I got a bit sidetracked to be honest and grabbed a 2019 Annual set while I was there.

I can say for sure that the RM have cottoned on to the ebay aspect and are now grabbing a bit more from the innocent punter (me).

It used to be a fiver for a 50p or two for 7.50 (you had to go with someone for this as it was 1 per person).

Today I was charged 6.90 for the first coin and 8.90 for  the next 4 - you can now have 5.

Add on the 13.90 for the tour (no coins without a tour), and 3 quid for a coffee...


Kind of glad there weren't any pre-decimal coins on sale, I might've really done my wallet over.




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