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KZ Map: A new initiative from KZ Cash, Asia’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

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KZ Cash is Asia’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 25000+ visitors on their websites. They have shown a lots of potential in past few time. I bet you have never seen this much growth in this lessen time. The last time I checked they were at 4.28 USD for one 1 KZC. They have estimated 1000 users in 2018 as their target. Currently they have 350+ user registered and they are from 8 different country. Still in a growing stage they have established some interesting features.

Among these one feature that caught my eye was their map. They call it KZ Map. This map is basically like Google map that show every KZ Cash seller registered on it. Any business that have started accepting KZ Cash in payment method will get their spot on the map. So if a customer is also a KZ Cash user so they can track their nearby seller who are also using KZ Cash.

This way seller can have the benefit of spreading their business among the users, to whom KZCash is serving. These users are from different countries so basically your business will get promoted to different countries. Their main target is Asian market. Australia and New Zeland are another targets they are targeting. Increasing interest of people into cryptocurrency have made people interested in different industries. What I am interested in here is that its progress rate is good and number of seller are also increasing.

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We prefer to deal in real hard currency on this forum.

I don't have any trays that will accept cryptocurrency.

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If it's that good why are you touting it on a coin forum? surely something so epic would need a national platform would it not? Jog on sonny not all of us just swam up the thames :)


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I dropped my South Sea Bubble and it burst.

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