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Old Dutch and US coins

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Hello all.

After a bereavement (97!!) , the family I work with asked my advice.

they have some Vic/Ed/GV silver, which I'll put on here, but there is a pile of 

Netherlands silver- 1840's to WW1 era, 2 1/2 Guilder downwards.

Also some 19th C. U.S. Indian head cents and 5 cents.

Is it worth putting on here, or is it better to suffer the slings and arrows blah blah on Fleabay?

I'm trying to get the family the best return..

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I'd like to take a look but no promises as I'm a bit boracic at the moment. :)

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I have a coin friend who is very into his Dutch coinage -  if you put it on here I will send him a link. (He is an American so he usually hangs around coin fora over there.)

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