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2001 2p minting error information?

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Hello there! I was going through my coin jar and found this 2p which seems to have excess copper on it. I can find nothing similar online and hope the images show what I mean. I am not a collector or anything like that and was wondering if you could please help determine whether this is in fact a minting error or not. 

It seems that excess copper has dropped onto the 2p. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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I think this is just corroding from the inside. The copper jacket has been compromised, allowing the steel inside to rust. Compare with this penny:


Decimal 1p error (b).jpg


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Yes it seems you are right, The copper is just scraping off to reveal that it is very rusty underneath. Oh well, thought I could be onto a winner there. Thank you for replying.

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heat or chemical / enviromental damage  many coins end up like this after exposure to sea water

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