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Morocco 1/2 Dirham, AH 1286, Fez mint

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Please find digital scans of a Morocco 1/2 Dirham of Muhammed IV below.  It appears to be dated AH 1286. It weighs 1.33 grams and is ~17X18mm in size.  Close examination reveals indications of an undertype (i.e., struck on a previously struck coin NOT on a blank planchette) on both obverse and reverse.  

It appears to be in fine condition or perhaps a bit better for its type. Parts of the inscription are not visible due perhaps to the undertype interfering with proper die pressure to fully bring up the relief.   

I have been able to find an image of a similar item, but not been able to find a value for this item in any condition after considerable searching on the internet.

Might a member be able to provide a value for this item? 

Moroccohalfrdirhemah1286obvreduced size.jpg


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This coin was made in 1286 (AH) (Equality with Gregorian calendar 1869). The value (in Spain) is approximately 4 euros.

Kindest regards.


Edited by Raul

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Hi Raul,

Thank you for responding and for supplying the information about the coin's value.  It is much appreciated.

Warm regards,



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