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Something for a Farthing Collector

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Hi all,

Would anyone be interested in the below ? Im looking for £575



Queen Anne (1702 – 14) Pattern Farthing in Lead, bust left, ANNA AVGVSTA. rev. Peace standing in biga, PAX MISSA PER ORBEM (cf. BMC 766 for specimen in tin)

Porous flan, fine, and believed to be unique thus extremely rare.



Ex Archbishop Sharp*  Collection, Glendinings 5th October 1977, lot 274

Ex The Colin Cooke Collection, lot 497

* Dr John Sharp (1645 – 1714) was Archbishop of York from 1691 until his death in 1714, and from a note in his Will it is known that he began collecting coins in 1687. As a noted numismatist of his day, many of the coins such as this rare piece would have been bought contemporary to the time when they were made. 





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Yes but , The item is just horrible, it really does not matter how rare it is but the metal its made out of and the way it corrodes , I dont blame farthing collectors for snubbing these and buying say three  charles the 2nd patterns , even if worn are far more attractive  than this .

Yuk and its a pass from me

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Historically interesting, but a bit like a cat with two heads I suppose: Exceptionally rare, but that doesn't mean to say I'd want to own one…..  :)

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