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Hi all,

Acquired this coin from a local antique dealer who doesn't specialize in coins and only keeps a few, its a beautiful Elizabeth I shilling, I think clipped slightly. Im not an expert on hammereds so I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the type, year, value etc and most importantly if it looks alright (I know there are forgeries about).

Any help much appreciated,




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looks like mm tun (1592-1595) Sixth Issue 1582 - 1600 (s.2577)

i cant enlarge the images enough but overall looks like a good coin

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Hi  Conor44,

A fairly good example, about very fine, with weakness on the obverse legend at about 3 o'clock, which most likely corresponds with a weak area at 11 o'clock on the reverse.  The flan is a little irregular, which is normal for the hammered series so may not be clipped.  The weight should be around 6 grams or 93 grains for the shilling.  Elizabeth silver shillings of this issue are fairly common and not worth a fortune.  My copy of Spink values this coin at fine 110 to VF 450.  Of course, that's a dealer estimate 


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The weakness on both sides seriously damages value and hints of a jewelry mount. IMO 200 euros is an expensive mistake. 

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