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I am looking for a catalogue or reference guide that will help me to identify Late Anglo-Saxan Coinage 973AD through to the Plantagenet Kings. I am trying to learn how to identify what mint the coin was made at and by which maker if possible. I already have Spink and Coincraft. Is it worth getting North?



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Books I find helpful  are

 Wren's 'The Short-cross Coinage 1180-1247 Henry II to Henry III' & 'The Voided Long-cross Coinage 1247-1279'

Withers'  'Halfpennies & Farthings. Edward III & Richard II' & 'Farthings and Halfpennies. Edward I & II'

Also 'The Galata Guide to The Pennies of Edward I & II'.

These suppliment my North's Vol. 1 & 2 which, to my mind, are essential. Prior reigns are similarly covered in individual publications and, if you're serious, can result in a very large library!!! 

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The North are excellent books .. a serious numismatist must have it on his library.  I can reccomand also " English coins 1180 - 1551 " by Lord Stewartby that give you also a lot of interesting historical details.  Then there are specific works that covers only a particular type of coins or a single mint , like the Robin Eaglen's books on the Bury St. Edmund mint or the SCBI 39 ( the J.J. North collection ) that is dedicated to the Edward I an II coinage 

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Thank you both for your suggestions. I have found Volumes 1 and 2 for North for a little less that £55, and I am still looking for the other books locally.

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