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Found 3 results

  1. I felt that I contributed too much detail on the thread on Half pennies showing all the overstamps and errors I had found in my own collection collected in the last 6 years. Every coin has come from eBay and I have never attended an auction and I have enjoyed the challenge of finding errors already discovered and covered comprehensively by M Goulby in the specialised edition Bronze Pennies from 1860 to 1901 and others mentioned in numerous excellent websites created and administered by long time members of this forum and others who I am unsure if members. I wanted to photograph and record all my examples for my own catalogue in readiness for donation to the Trust I hope then it will be used after my demise to help them sell off my collection. I may replicate examples in other places with this in mind. I will use the prefixes used by Goulby and so that I can start to remember them the Freeman nomenclature. I find errors surprisingly interesting, Perhaps because of the turmoil in the transition to Bronze from Copper they illustrate a somewhat chaotic time at the mint. In previous discussions others have explained some of the problems there is an interesting back story which involves a lot of politics and a great deal of personal intrigue in the life of L C Wyon the designer of the new reverse and obverse. The royal mint seems to have been undergoing a lot of changes which may contribute to some of the story and sadly most f the records for this period are lost because of a fire in the records office of the Royal mint in the 19th C. If you feel you would rather this be included in some other thread then just let me know and I will stop and relocate. It takes a lot of time to photograph and record these errors. More than anything else I would be eternally grateful for your own examples that will help verify any previously unlisted. This goes for the half pennies in particular which do not get the same limelight as the penny. So please add your own Thanks
  2. I would like to start a new and I think, important feed. I want to ask you to consider if we are losing out on greater understanding of coins in our collections because people are hesitant to be upfront about oddities, errors, over stamping, and other varieties? I have many examples of 1 type of strange coin in my collections it may be for example an 1860 penny where there is what appears to be an R under a B in BRITT. I sit around looking and looking for pieces to confirm this but hesitate to ask others. Am I hesitating because I want to be the first to find something and as a result miss out as a group activity to compare and share? If I look at a coin and see something odd I have a tendency either to pass it off as a singular error when it could be something others have seen. In the spirit of openness I would like to start to share my strange coins and hope that I do not upset anyone but undermining some economy associated with collecting, simply because I would hope think that we collect because of interest in the subject not just how much some coin is worth. I will begin with the 1846 shilling with three colons after REG :. The R under B in the 1860 penny the Possible B under R half penny 1862 could be just a die run but seemingly corresponding to the "strange sticky out bit" commonly seen on 1861 and 1862 half pennies in BRITT.
  3. Nutsaboutcoins

    Decimal varieties

    I recently wrote this for the Tyneside Numismatic Society newsletter, I would be interested in knowing what I have missed / got wrong. Thanks again to the members here who allowed me to use their research and pinch their images. I hope the link works, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2qSaEwccf4fS3dZSWJVWkRDRDA/view?usp=sharing Ian..