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  1. I am in search of Green Pennies , pennies and half pennies that have been buried. I know many of you might find the idea strange (well it is me ) but I am doing some experiments with green pennies and wondered if anyone has any they have dug which they might be looking to get rid of (cheap!) usually collectors don't like them so they have limited value except to strange people but I find them useful. Victorian ones are best but also earlier dates pennies or half pennies perhaps farthings. The process of the gradual replacement of the outer layer of copper alloy by percolating ground waters usually results in a complex of mixed carbonates and oxides and I ,being a fossil man, am interested in the transition. Happy to buy them but as happy to rent them or loan them or if you are feeling generous give them away. As long as they have not been chemically altered by that funny paste sadly on sale in many metal detecting clubs. THanks