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Found 12 results

  1. I have this 1873 penny in my collection. It has some unusual elements: Raised marks/lines either side of Victoria's neck on the obverse a raised line between the shield and lighthouse on the reverse Does anyone know what may cause these markings? I suspect it is possibly double struck or made from old dies but I am by no means certain. Would appreciate any input or opinions Thanks in advance
  2. I felt that I contributed too much detail on the thread on Half pennies showing all the overstamps and errors I had found in my own collection collected in the last 6 years. Every coin has come from eBay and I have never attended an auction and I have enjoyed the challenge of finding errors already discovered and covered comprehensively by M Goulby in the specialised edition Bronze Pennies from 1860 to 1901 and others mentioned in numerous excellent websites created and administered by long time members of this forum and others who I am unsure if members. I wanted to photograph and record all my examples for my own catalogue in readiness for donation to the Trust I hope then it will be used after my demise to help them sell off my collection. I may replicate examples in other places with this in mind. I will use the prefixes used by Goulby and so that I can start to remember them the Freeman nomenclature. I find errors surprisingly interesting, Perhaps because of the turmoil in the transition to Bronze from Copper they illustrate a somewhat chaotic time at the mint. In previous discussions others have explained some of the problems there is an interesting back story which involves a lot of politics and a great deal of personal intrigue in the life of L C Wyon the designer of the new reverse and obverse. The royal mint seems to have been undergoing a lot of changes which may contribute to some of the story and sadly most f the records for this period are lost because of a fire in the records office of the Royal mint in the 19th C. If you feel you would rather this be included in some other thread then just let me know and I will stop and relocate. It takes a lot of time to photograph and record these errors. More than anything else I would be eternally grateful for your own examples that will help verify any previously unlisted. This goes for the half pennies in particular which do not get the same limelight as the penny. So please add your own Thanks
  3. Does anyone know anything about this variety of 1863 penny which has a long tail on the 3? Is it an over strike? is it a rare variety? It's not mentioned in "The bronze coinage of Great Britain".
  4. Tony Clayton's listing of die numbers suggests that all 1867 shillings with die number 19 + have the obverse of 1868 (which is a fairly scarce variety). I'm a bit sceptical, albeit working from a rather rubbish example with die number 19, it looks like an ordinary 1867 obverse to me with tight ringlets. What do people think ? https://imgur.com/a/LW367ri
  5. DrLarry

    1863 OPEN 3

    That conversation about the open 3 in the 1863 I wonder if anyone else has one so I might compare with mine. I am interested in details of the area above the three, and the structure of the upper part of the three. I will post mine for comparison I thought I might sell one for the charity and likely put it on ebay as an auction. But before I do I would like to make a brief study of the type. Thanks
  6. Found these 2 coins in a mixed lot, both appear to be silver in colour & off metal strike(Not plated, tested edge with white fluid & no usual signs of being plated) the 1902 Edward VII Halfpenny compared to a normal coin is a thicker planchet at nearly 2mm, weight is 5.9 grams & 26mm, the coin has some wear to high spots but otherwise is in very good condition.The 1901 Victoria Farthing is very similar in appearance & weight is 2.88 grams & 21mm. Can anyone help with identification of what these might be. Thank you
  7. Hi all, this is my first post having joined on behalf of my father-in-law, who is hoping to find a bit of assistance and advice around some of the coins he has casually collected over the years. His first unusual one is he has a 1836 Threepenny bit but with Victoria's head on it rather than William's. Could this be a test coin or a fake? Hope these type of questions are acceptable in the forum and whether it's OK to ask further queries around the other coins he can't find answers to. Regards Steve
  8. Vickycoins

    1887 Crown Faults

    Hi members. I came across your site whilst researching the 1887 Crown faults. Does anybody have a list of what they actually are? In my case I have several coins in really good nick, but what surprised me is the possible variations of this coin. I don't get much time to get the glass out to see what I have in my collection, but today I happened to pick out one of the 1887 crowns and note the top of the 8 missing, the right side bottom serif of the 1 missing, bottom serif of D in D:G: missing, the trailing plume appears to have six lines, the milled edge is still quite sharp, the coin is in EF or probably better weighing 28 grms. Any comment will be appreciated
  9. Hi all, Ive been looking for a 1851 penny that i can afford. Ive just seen one on ebay and was thinking of making an offer when upon closer inspection i think it has been cleaned. Look at area behind ear ? Would appreciate your input 252187066395
  10. I have a lot of coins stored away and would like to know the value of them. The earliest coins I have date back to late 1800's, the earliest dating back to 1862. The earliest coins I have wear all over, some are difficult to see the images and the writing but some are clear to see. Most of them are pennies and I have around 75+ from 1800's,most of them in good condition. The pennies (70+) from early 1900's are also in good condition. I also have some half pennies and shillings that are also in great condition. I would like to know how much you think they can sell for in the UK? Thanks, replies will be appreciated.
  11. Does anybody collect them? Would it Sell? I have one in VF grade (not sure though). I'll post pics tonight, when i have a camera other than my phone. It is the same size as a penny.
  12. Hi guys, I found this half penny when I was a kid and discovered it recently in an old ceramic coin bank. I've done a bit of research, but can't find anything that gives a conclusive valuation of it in it's present condition. From what I can see the die letter A next to the lighthouse (see pics) points to it being fairly rare. If anyone could give me a good idea of it's value, or just point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.