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  1. I realise I have broken a cardinal rule..namely to involve and include, a forum must be a place of gathering information. So I will start again, after a nice week touring the Galloway coast and the lakes painting I return with renewed vigour to my favourite topic. But rather than ask you to see as I see after 3 years I will try gather your opinions and ask that you do just one thing: to look with great care before you respond. In 2015 I noticed the faces of "an animal" or two "behind" the surface design on coins. I pursued a line of investigation which has allowed me, after a great deal of work, to see clearly for myself what these patterns are. THey are complex and I would like to ask those of you with time and inclination to help understand rather than just see if these patterns exist and if so what is the purpose and most importantly how could they have been "imposed" on coins since at least the late 17thC and likely earlier. I initially saw it in Bronze pennies but they are the tip of the iceberg. I have a number of avenues ..theories but I need keen observers to add to and develop ideas. I am searching for a team of amature researchers. I have no desire other than to make sense of the medium "coin face" and better understanding of the coins we all love. My tools are simple a microscope, my collection, and a fine sable brush. Although I do have many years experience with pattern recognition I do not think this is a prerequisite for discovery. At the heart of this idea is the very essence of a coin which is wrapped up in the idea of the "state" its economy and religion and key to it is the sacred relationship between the monarch and christianity. I should be clear that I am in no way religious but I do not deny the importance of the relationship KING:STATE:GOD and have to go where the answers may lay rather than ignoring I must acknowledge this triad. Transmogrification is I think key to this idea: a design that if viewed in a particular way can be a number of different forms, in the case of coins the monarchs head as an example of head of state, primary servant of God in the state, protector and carer yet must show humility to succeed. Could anyone who has an interest in mystery; solving puzzles; love of coins; history; metallurgy; alchemy (chemistry); design and art please get involved. I am more than happy to accept that if we do not solve this in a year I will deem myself totally mad and stop looking after which apart from a book about my descent into madness you will hear nothing more from me on the subject. However if we solve this riddle (as I see it!) we may uncover a beautiful aspect of coining design and history that just might make it a bit more interesting for new collectors. I am not Dan Brown, there is no Da Vinci code but he may play a part, who knows. I do not have the answers but we might be able to get them together. Many thanks Larry