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  1. I bid on a lot of lower grade 1860,61 and 74 bunheads on ebay ,in the hope that I can pick up some of the variations I don't have on the cheap . As expected , I normally pick up a lot of the commoner ones (that I already have ) .3 of my latest ones are ,I think are F24, F28 and F32 .Although I am unsure of the F28 ,its corroded and Its maybe a bit of wishful thinking . I am normally quite confident of working out the combinations , but getting 3 scarcer ones in one go has got me second guessing .

    6006688714.jpg F24 .jpg

    6006688714.jpg F24.jpg

  2. 8 minutes ago, zookeeperz said:

    your looking at a 5 mick the 6 is underneath it. get your windows magnifier out and you will see it :)


    I have magnified it ,still dont see anything but a damaged 6 that resembles a 5 .I don't see the normal 5 shape in it , but it has all the characteristics of a 6

  3. On 6/30/2015 at 11:48 AM, VickySilver said:

    I bring this up from time to time, as I have only seen the individual crown on ebay a single time (2002 $25 With the World Junior Track and Field Female Runner). I admit to being a collector of these somewhat hideous "National Hero" series of coins in the minor denominations but have never seen the set or any direct evidence & the Royal Mint and Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) don't seem to want or be able to help. I'd like to see some confirmation of witness, a picture, or best case an actual set for sale.

    Dont know if you saw /or bought this .https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jamaica-2002-Proof-8-Coin-Set-1c-Silver-25-Dollars-Women-039-s-Hurdles-500-issued-/391949805523?hash=item5b420767d3%3Ag%3A82UAAOSwFSxaPif5&nma=true&si=HzbUnNJvllh6fzDe9ENxSPogZgc%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557         

    they do exist .and a bit pricey at that .

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  4. 7 minutes ago, youliveyoulean said:

    Apologies if I ruffled a few feathers. No harm intended. I am genuinely interested to know what posters think is acceptable behaviour when it comes to the mark up on coins and generous description of grade by dealers (such as UNC when it is clearly not close). How is it so different to a mis-attribution of the variety? 



    When it comes to the mark up on a coin ,it is the dealers coin and he can ask whatever price he wants for it (If someone is happy to pay over the odds,thats up to them).over generous grading and wrongly attributing of varieties etc is different That's false advertising (lying).If they can't grade the coin fairly or can't attribute it correctly , then they shouldn't .

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  5. 1 hour ago, 1949threepence said:

    I've been collecting since I was 12: obviously a lot more in recent years. I can say with absolute honesty, that I have never once come up against a "nasty" or "arrogant" dealer. Maybe I've been lucky. I've not always agreed with their prices or conclusions, but that's a completely different matter. The vast majority are pleasant, helpful, totally genuine and often (usually) enthusiasts themselves. They love to discuss technicalities, often in a very knowledgeable way. Generally you soon get on first name terms with them, once they get to know you, and you them. 

    Apart from that, I'm not one to whine if I feel I've been overcharged. I regard it as my fault and just suck it up. Besides which, it's swings and roundabouts.There have been many bargains on the way. So these things even themselves out over time.

    I don't know Simon Willis, but will reserve judgement as 1) I've no idea what he's apparently done, you haven't said and 2) I make my own mind up on people.   

    I think you're being a tad unreasonable, quite honestly.






    In 15 years of collecting ,I have never been overcharged for any coin or note that I have bought (many thousands) .I have overpaid plenty of times though.


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  6. 26 minutes ago, hibernianscribe said:

    Your mention of Bulgaria brought this to mind currently on Catawiki - I've been toying with the idea of going for it but, problem, the seller is based in Bulgaria. It looks authentic but I think alarm bells are ringing.What makes me shy away even more so, is that over the past week I have sent three messages to Catawiki, to the numismatic expert in charge of this auction, requesting info on any provenance while also mentioning that since the seller is in Bulgaria it would be a reassurance if there was provenance, and Catawiki have been stony silent - not a confidence booster for an online auction house that pushes its professional expertise. I know this isn't Fleabay but any thoughts on this?


    Havn't had any dealings with catawiki ,so I had a look at some of there auctions .The straits settlement dollar that states that it is 100% genuine ,but is only 20 grams and poorly cast,  doesn't fill me with any confidence  they have any expertise ,if they cant weed that out . 

  7. 8 minutes ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Yes i agree Mick i just wanted Coin buyer to confirm he had bought a normal one and the seller wrongly described as VIP.

    Sounds like the VIP thread the other week :angry:

    a pr65 sold on ebay for £89 2 weeks ago .A £2750 mark up is a bit cheeky .

  8. It looks like the right coin for the slab ,but its not a vip proof .Its just a normal proof as far as I can see . the seller is saying its one of 6 minted and possibly the finest known , but pcgs say its 9th out of 26 slabbed by them . The seller should / would know this . either the buyer has received a fake coin and slab ,or his issue is it is not as described .


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