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Posts posted by mick1271

  1. 5 hours ago, Paddy said:

    Mine - all Mine!


    I see you also do cider - I am making my own on a regular basis, though brought up to a more traditional wine strength. Very refreshing on a hot day.


    I prefer a vintage Cider , something with a bit of bite . Currently in Northumberland for a week , so I will need to stock up before I head up the road . The minimum pricing laws in Scotland has made the better ciders a lot more expensive .


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  2. 1 hour ago, Paddy said:

    ... and this one doesn't look right to me either. Are the Whisky-goggles clouding my view point? 



    I have the cider goggles on and it seems ok to me ,apart from the wee bit of corrosion and the mark at the eye .The colour is a bit off too , as though it may have been cleaned and then artificially toned.  If it is a wrong-un , it is a good one .

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  3. 33 minutes ago, OneCoin said:

    If it's one Hryvna, is it some kind of currency?
    Good price, I did not expect such a high price for a silver coin. Thank you very much.

    It is a currency value , but it wasnt issued for circulation.That is the prices getting asked for from the Ukraine (couldn't find any other sellers)

    . In the UK value  will depend whether there is a demand or not . silver content  value is about £10.50 at the moment 

  4. Just now, PWA 1967 said:

    Worth a picture Mick.

    Will be Satin 16 but varieties with the colons and Bun recut.

    no problem ,I will scan it tomorrow (was just about to head to bed) . The ribbon knot and bottom of the bun seem to have more detail than the wear would suggest it should .I think I will need to dig out the other ones I have filed away as doublers ,it is beginning to get more complicated ....and interesting lol.

  5. 21 minutes ago, secret santa said:

    Check out the F15 for a central fishtail - there are some interesting varieties in that subgroup.

    I take it you mean on the hair ribbon . Yes ,it is centred . didn't think to check that ,although I had noticed before that some were off-centre 

  6. 47 minutes ago, 1949threepence said:

    1861 die combinations can be very tricky, Mick. I've been trying to get my head round them for some time. Some are more obvious than others. But trying to determine, for example, whether a penny is a Freeman 21 from a worn specimen, is really difficult.      

    The top 2 should have been easy enough . the last one is a bit of a state . I also got 2 1860 pennies with them , but they were easy enough to work out (f13 and f15 ). I suppose that practice makes perfect .

  7. 7 hours ago, terrysoldpennies said:

    Your right Richard  Iv listed the Satin numbers they should be  F22  F29  and F33  sorry Mick

    I thought you had the numbers wrong . I went with the die combinations . I have an F22 AND 33 ,didn't have a F29 .Freemans, although very informative , can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes .