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  1. 44 minutes ago, 1949threepence said:

    Although looking at Richard's rarest penny site, one did go on e bay in February this year. A very decent specimen too, as 169's go.   

    Wish I'd seen it. I've been trying to find what it went for, but no luck.   

    £440 .Decent example



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  2. Having a look on Richards site . The hand on rev D has more pronounced knuckles on the front , rev E it seems to be more of a straight line . Also the r/h/s trident prong on D points to a gap , but on E it points to a tooth .The hand difference would probably be noticeable on coins with more wear ,but if you can't tell whether the 1 points to a tooth , it is doubtful you could work out where the trident is pointing .

    2 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Not that, although that may, of course, be something else we need to know about.

    Rather than re-typing all the words, here's a photo of the relevant part of the article - from Coin Monthly, November 1971:-



    freeman 169 article.jpg


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  3. On 4/12/2021 at 10:45 PM, 1949threepence said:

    Meant to say I got this 1909 dot penny a few months back, and completely forgot about it.

    Just £4.64 off e bay. I know they're not that rare, but this one is about VF, and the price was a bargain.



    dot 1909 rev crop 2.jpg

    dot 1909 obv crop 2.jpg

    It wasn't a type I had , so had a quick look on ebay for newly listed buy it nows . There was 2 within the first dozen . One quite worn , but the other was better , but not as nice as yours .Less than a fiver ,so not a hard decision .

    Image 1 - 1909 Edward VII Penny Good toned detail SNo59026


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  4. 1 minute ago, oldcopper said:

    I notice some of these W.W's, including mine (which is better condition than this, say Fine), have a weakly struck FID:  It's very unusual for a Royal Mint 19th century copper coin to have such noticeable weakness in the legend like that.

    I had noticed that , but put it down to wear as it has been through the wars a bit.Interesting to know that it is a known anomaly .It was worse than that , but some acetone took the worse of the gunk off .

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  5. I didn't know they were issuing one with the 1969 obverse. I bought a Bunc one because of the design and theme . Not the sort of thing I normally go for , but I do hang onto any commemorative coins I get in my change (few and far between nowadays)

  6. 7 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    There's a nice one going at the March LCA - link to

    Although it's a bit more than fair to fine, so might be more than you're willing to pay.

    I saw that one .Yeh ,it is a bit more than I would be willing to pay .There is a low grade one in a mixed lot , but ,I don't fancy bidding on a lot just for one coin that might be lower grade than I would be happy with . I will get them eventually (in a grade and price I am happy with) ,might just take a while .

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  7. 21 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    The 1970 proofs weren't struck until after D Day and possibly quite a bit after that? It's quite possible that 2 Mints were therefore used, though given the numbers involved I'd have thought that was extremely inefficient. As for the '1968 halfpenny', that used obverse dies from 1956 so maybe they were using old dies in London prior to demonetisation?

    I had a 1974 or possibly 75 proof set with a flyer from the mint advertising the 1970 proof set for sale . So they were still selling ,if not minting them a few years later .I am sure I read somewhere that they started minting them after the 1971 proof set was issued , and kept minting them while demand lasted . 

  8. 10 hours ago, Martinminerva said:

    Absolutely, Mike, in the case of my 4 plus 3. In fact, in lower grade they are easy to spot as the sea wears flatter and obviously crosses the linear circle. Also, the date spacing is intermediate between the narrow and wide date versions of the common, later reverses for 1875.

    They are easy to spot , even in poor condition (as long as the exergue and the sea level is visible , it creates an unbroken band straight across the coin)  .My one can only be described as very poor but it is easily identifiable .There always seems to be a couple of equally poor condition ones on ebay , when I look to see if I can find an upgrade .