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  1. 8 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    I've never seen any Roman design remotely like that. I'd say it is more likely to be (perhaps) a token? In which case it is more likely to be 17th or 18th Century...

    I knew they weren't  Roman , the lot also had  an old farthing token and some sort of small advertising medal amongst them.

  2. It is probably cheaper to buy an old Mahogany sideboard (and scrap it for timber) , than buy new seasoned Mahogany .Which is ok if you are making your own , but probably a hassle if you are producing commercially . I ended up using Meranti , while not a true Mahogany , has similar properties (nowhere near as attractive though) .

  3. 1 hour ago, jelida said:

    Not an exact match I would say, though similar. We need photos of the two to the same magnification. Is there a list anywhere of the RM’s  overseas production during 1902/3? Anyone with a copy of Krause and time on their hands?


    I had a quick look at the obvious ones in Krause .Canadian 1 cent is a flat topped 3, Jamaica is different  and Guernseys 1903 was done by Heatons .If it is a punch for a foreign one , it will take a bit of work  or good luck to find it.

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  4. 33 minutes ago, Paddy said:

    Or mine! More tarnished but maybe more detail?


    Would probably set you back  £500 nowadays.My 1905 florin has the same sort of colour /tone .


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  5. 7 hours ago, Sword said:

    Apart from the grading issue, I am stunned that anyone could say that "a coin will be selected at random from the chosen condition" for an asking price of over £300! I want to know exactly what I am getting for anything costing more than £10.

    I got a nice 1904 penny that was advertised like that .I asked for pics and the seller sent me 3 to choose from .If he had told me it was pot luck , I wouldn't have bothered. I would have went down the same route with these.


    16 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    That's the problem with eBay - any 'famous' coin is usually vastly overpriced. You'd be better off trying from a dealer or auction - if the former, make sure they have a decent returns policy.

    I am struggling to find one within my budget . Michael Gouby has a couple , but they are no better grade /price than the ebay ones . I have found a few other dealers wanting more for poorer examples. The more I look , the ones on Ebay are looking more reasonably priced (at least for the better ones).

    I would normally pick this type of thing up at my local collectors fairs , but they stopped due to Covid , and aren't starting up again .Scotland has only a handful of dealers and even less collectors fairs .

  6. 21 minutes ago, copper123 said:

    You might find some cheap ones on alibaba in china

    Not my thing , although I do have a 1933 penny of oriental origins .Collecting on a budget can be frustrating at times .

  7. 33 minutes ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Don't pay £325 for one of those!! Barely worth £100 I'd say, most of them aren’t even Fair.

    £150 for one of the better ones I'd say. For £325 you'd want one in NF condition. They really aren’t that rare in low grades as you can see from that dealer's pictures.

    This page at London Coins will give you a more realistic picture hopefully.


    Looking at past results .ones in similar condition are £150 -250 .I know they were slightly pricey and massively overgraded as well .Hence why I thought I would ask on the forum first .The lack of collectors fairs up north is making it harder to pick up bargains.

  8. The F25 and 1865 pennies are better than what I have .I have stuck a couple of bids on them to remind me to keep an eye on them . Even if I don't win them , I will at least bid them up a bit.


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  9. 2 hours ago, Paddy said:

    All of which makes this one, which I got "for free" in a job lot a few months back, even more surprising!


    1845 D 1 Red.JPG

    Sometimes you just get lucky .I will get one eventually , so I will just plod along upgrading the rest of my collection as I go.

  10. 52 minutes ago, copper123 said:

    both dates are a lot scarcer than many realise

    I thought after getting the 1843 , 49 and 56 ,they would be easier . I did see a few 1837's , but they were either high grade (and out of my price range) or went for more than I thought they were worth . I  was 2nd bidder 3 times in a row on ebay (at over £70) for ones that were less than fine , but of a grade I could live with.Book price of a Fine 1845 is £15 , but that is highly unrealistic .I will hopefully  get one about Fine for £50-60 .........eventually .

  11. Top four are boxed . 2 green , 2 burgundy .Last one is from a proof set .I had a couple of dozen , but kept 4 because of the different box types .Matchbox type and lift off lid ,in each colour .Looks like verd on the proof set one , but it must be my photographic skills as it isn't visible on the coin itself .