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  1. 5 hours ago, Kipster said:

    I saw this crop up last night when browsing:


    I messaged the seller to say you can pick these up for £60 and sent a link to one, and told them it really isn't what you think it is. I got a four  word reply saying "not the same coin". Now either this seller has had their pants pulled down themselves, which I think is more than likely, or they just read the Daily Mirror and take that as gospel. Either way, the whole eBay description of the coin in the listing is a masterclass in Donald Trumpism.

    If it wasn't slabbed, I could possibly understand his confusion , but it tells you on the slab exactly what it is .A silver (s1p) proof penny , not a steel penny missing its cuni coating error .If was was an unclad steel penny , how could it be a proof ??

  2. 21 hours ago, Kipster said:

    That's about where I would expect them to be really. It doesn't seem a scarce variety

    While looking at ebay for 5/5 farthings I came across what looks like a 5/3 .Can't find any information on it except that it was alluded to, but not confirmed (that has probably changed as apart from a date run, I don't really bother with farthings ).Will probably be nothing once I have it in hand , but was worth a punt to find out .



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  3. 37 minutes ago, Kipster said:


    Thanks both. I have Freeman and use the linked website quite regularly, but don't really know how accurate those pricings are for the varieties.

    I've just picked up another 5 over higher 5 farthing in high grade, but allcoinvalues seem to put a value on extremely fine at £275, which I think is probably a bit off bearing in mind the frequency that I find them. But then again, I am looking. 

    There is quite a few high grade ones on ebay just now .Ranging from £17 (fair) to $150 , but most are around the £85-110 mark for EF or better .

  4. 3 minutes ago, 1949threepence said:

    Quick question - got a blind spot and can never tell these two obverses apart. It's an 1860 reverse D. So the coin is either F10 or F13.

    But is this obverse 2 or obverse 3? The letters in BRITT always look the same to me, and don't look out of alignment. 

    Thanks in advance.


    ten or thirteen.PNG

    Looks like Obv 2 . Bottom of the rose is cut off , and IT of BRITT tilted forward 

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  5. 24 minutes ago, PWA 1967 said:

    One i bought a few months ago ,however have hit a brick wall trying to attribute as dont know if its been struck with a foreign coin or a token.

    The penny has been struck twice and due to the year may of been struck by Heaton ,which makes it harder to determin what the other coin or token is.

    An advertising token has been suggested due to Co. being on the penny a few times but i really dont have a clue.



    With Heaton buying the machinery from Soho mint after they went out of business, who knows what else they may have purchased . ex Soho coin blanks or unused stock could have been experimented on to see if it was usable .It widens the scope of possible host coins .

  6. I normally just go for an example which I am happy with , rather than top grade .So I have quite a few scarce /rare ones but they are not in the sort of condition that would go for decent money . I wouldn't part with anything unless I've got a decent upgrade of it either .

    Saying that ,the collection has gotten away from me (attempted date runs of every denomonation of milled ). I should probably sell off large parts and settle for better quality of just Pennies (incl variants) and shillings .

  7. "Selling for less than book price"                                                             going for slightly less than a coin 3 grades higher 

    "from my Grandfathers collection"                                                           Modern fake 

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  8. 1 hour ago, DrLarry said:

    I am sure this has been mentioned somewhere in this thread but on the occasions when I have used acetone I have found that it leaves an unpleasant iridescence as a residue on bronze and copper.  Similar to the fake toning discussed on other threads.  just my own experiences.  

    I have never had that issue . It has never affected the toning or lustre of any of my copper/ bronzes .I only use it to clean off crud and surface verd, which I then treat with verdicare .I don't soak it and only use a cotton bud .

    I know the iridescence you are on about , It may be over vigorous cleaning .More using the cloth /bud to do the cleaning , than letting the Acetone do the work. 

  9. 1 hour ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Anyone else noticed over the last 12 months that more and more Copper and Bronze pennies are being sold that have been cleaned and dipped in TONING FLUID.

    There has always been a few and a collection sold at auction about 12 months ago had a lot in ,that i do know as returned three.

    However there are now dozens which IMO means that maybe some sellers are not doing it to the odd one but doing it intentionally to increase the sale price which in some cases has been ridiculous.

    I have put the links to show the cleaning and toning fluid due to being able to use the magnifier and not to target the two sellers as lots of coins not just on eBay are the same.



    Maybe some collectors dont mind and prefer them to look this way ,although maybe some especially new collectors dont know.

    The 1875H is an odd looking coin . The colour isn't attractive and it has obviously been interfered with .The even colour throughout even on the high points is a give away that something has been done to it recently . I don't mind the 1934 , for a mint toned coin , it isn't obvious that it has been artificially toned .It may have been gived a wipe and toned like that afterwards (I suppose that could be argued as artificially toned ). As you say , not everyones cup of tea. I struggle to see the 1875H appealling to anyone who was looking to spend  that amount on an 1875H .


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  10. 1 hour ago, Peckris 2 said:

    there's an interesting (apparently) certificate authenticating the coin among the pictures. It COULD be genuine? If it is, then it could well fetch £100k or thereabouts. IF...

    however, the problem is that a Viking king Eric in the north is not necessarily Bloodaxe - Eric was a common name.

    The PAS form is for a different coin .Same type , but not the one being sold .