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  1. It was just a thought .Didn't know whether they where in business for a long time ,or were taken over by someone else . Still interesting to know that you could pick up a 1932 crown in FDC for 30 shillings .Some things for sale that I didn't even know existed , like a 1936 Edward VIII crown with George V head on it for £1/15/-
  2. I have had a few bargains myself , but I tend to do it to try and pick up any penny variations I dont have .Still waiting on my Gouby x for less than a tenner lol. As with most of my collecting , if I am patient ,I will get it eventually at the right price .
  3. That I did not know . thanks for the heads up on that .
  4. I picked up a couple of old dealers price lists in a book shop recently . one is from Seaby's ,but the other is from Jacobs' numismatic store in Brondesbury road, london . The dealer is Charles E Jacobs , does anybody know what became of them .The price list is from 1938 , so I don't even know if they outlasted the war .
  5. I do something the same, except I check "auction, ending soonest", after removing 50p, 20p, £1, £2 ,pound ,pence, beatrix ,£5 etc. It takes it down to about 18,000. I then check " buy it nows" from the newly listed direction .The way I look at it , after being listed "buy it now" ,after 24 hours ,anything thats worth buying or is a bargain is already sold .
  6. I have seen coins kept in a modern oak display case that have had black blotches and unattractive toning after a few months (was on a FB page I am on ,and the were modern decimals ,so there was no harm done lol). It was probably the fact that it was new , modern wood is kiln dried and not seasoned properly .The tannins also leach out through time , so an antique case will probably have been made safe a long time ago .
  7. My 2 arrived today . Very happy with them , a couple of upgrades to my collection .many thanks
  8. I got a couple too .Will also need to wait till I am back up the road .
  9. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I prefer a vintage Cider , something with a bit of bite . Currently in Northumberland for a week , so I will need to stock up before I head up the road . The minimum pricing laws in Scotland has made the better ciders a lot more expensive .
  10. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I am partial to a wee (large) Talisker . In fact , any peaty malt will do .
  11. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    looking at his other items , quite a few seem to be very clean and shiny .
  12. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I have the cider goggles on and it seems ok to me ,apart from the wee bit of corrosion and the mark at the eye .The colour is a bit off too , as though it may have been cleaned and then artificially toned. If it is a wrong-un , it is a good one .
  13. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Looks as though it has been dipped . It might be bright and shiny , but it is a very unattractive coin .
  14. I have bid on a few ,but I am holiday and money is tight. So the bids are miserly lol .
  15. mick1271

    What is this coin?

    It is a currency value , but it wasnt issued for circulation.That is the prices getting asked for from the Ukraine (couldn't find any other sellers) . In the UK value will depend whether there is a demand or not . silver content value is about £10.50 at the moment
  16. mick1271

    What is this coin?

    After a bit of investigating .They are silver investment coins issued by the Ukrainian Mint . They sell for between $35-45 . hope this helps .
  17. mick1271

    What is this coin?

    Think it might be ONE HRYVNA on the bottom .Which would be a currency value , but I doubt it would be a currency issue (similar to the silver £20 coins the RM produce )
  18. mick1271

    What is this coin?

    Trying to translate it . Think it is national Bank Ukrainia
  19. mick1271

    What is this coin?

    I dont think it is currency . It looks like a commemorative medal / coin of some kind ,possibly Bulgarian . Going by the info on it , it says 31.1 (possibly gram) 999.9 AG (silver content ?)
  20. mick1271

    Pennies High grade.

    If its still available ,I will have it Pete Mick
  21. mick1271

    siege piece,

    This one has the same breaks in the B and gaps in the outer circle to name but a couple of the many similarities . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Pontefract-besieged-coin-Charles-1st-shilling-1648-lozenge-shaped/352382683879?hash=item520ba50ae7:g:r~0AAOSwukVbJVc7
  22. mick1271

    1861 BUNHEAD ID'S

    I will need to get a camera , it is hard to make out on the scan , but it has the centre fishtail and a narrower right ribbon .
  23. I bid on a lot of lower grade 1860,61 and 74 bunheads on ebay ,in the hope that I can pick up some of the variations I don't have on the cheap . As expected , I normally pick up a lot of the commoner ones (that I already have ) .3 of my latest ones are ,I think are F24, F28 and F32 .Although I am unsure of the F28 ,its corroded and Its maybe a bit of wishful thinking . I am normally quite confident of working out the combinations , but getting 3 scarcer ones in one go has got me second guessing .
  24. mick1271

    1861 BUNHEAD ID'S

    1860 F15 with fishtail . not great condition ,but has enough detail .
  25. mick1271

    1861 BUNHEAD ID'S

    What reference does the Satin numbers refer too . I have been sticking with Freemans (and grooms for 20th century) ,but have been meaning to get a copy of Gouby .