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  1. Very nice ,I will have a look when the kids go to bed and calm returns to the household lol.
  2. This isn't mine ( borrowed from Michael Goubys site, hope thats ok ),but It is identical to mine .
  3. The odds are against them being from the same dies ,but how common are the Unbarred A's ? The only one I could find was on Michael Goubys website ,with quite a hefty price tag (£125 for a F+).I suppose If they are say 1 in 20 (5% population) then the probability is higher that they are the same die .They could be common ,that is what I was really trying to ascertain from the more knowledgeable collectors like yourself ,Rob
  4. I wish i could get better pics up .a couple of the A's are more like triangles ,as if the serifs are joined together with no bar .its quite an interesting coin .as you say ,its wear and tear .the one i was replacing has bars ,but they are weaker than they should be .so are obviously an earlier strike .
  5. Thanks for the reply .I will list it as an error then .
  6. not the clearest ,but they are obvious with the naked eye (not mines , my eyes are done)
  7. definitely northern ireland .
  8. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The name rang a bell for me .so I just spent nearly half an hour searching feedback to see what I had bought off him .Ends up it was only a Phillippines 10 peso emergency note for £1.20 . serves me right for being bloody nosy lol .No idea how I remembered as It was nearly a year ago ,especially as I cant remember what I was doing 3 days ago .
  9. I am curious to see what feedback will be left .
  10. Many thanks ,I have been using Freemans for years and got a copy of Groom's a few months ago .looks like I will need to get Michael Goubys now .
  11. Havn't seen the cannonball flaw before .Does it appear in any reference books ?
  12. mick1271

    1912 penny

    Found some 25p (crowns) and masonic tokens in a house I was clearing nearly 15 years ago , have been an addict since then.the hours I have spent trawling car boots, collectors fairs and the internet in that time isn't worth thinking about.
  13. mick1271

    My Latest Acquisition

    Latest purchase ,one gap less to fill .its been cleaned, but the price was right for such a hard to find coin.
  14. mick1271

    My Latest Acquisition

    Latest upgrade to my penny collection .Quite pleased for less than £14 .not the greatest pic ,best I can manage with my phone.
  15. mick1271

    Enthusiasm for collecting has stalled...

    I still have 95 % of my collection. I had sold on most of my early milled copper, hammered , silver crowns and 1904,1905 and 1887 halfcrowns. I have already replaced the 1887 onwards crowns (except the wreaths) and some low- mid grade copper and hammered. I had started upgrading my bronze pennies before I stopped ,so i might continue with that and filling gaps . hard to do on a tighter budget than i had before .
  16. mick1271

    Enthusiasm for collecting has stalled...

    I have just started back up collecting coins after a 6 year break .got a bit bored because the ones i needed to fill gaps or upgrade were beginning to be more expensive and harder to get . Unfortunately in the time i stopped collecting i sold my 1887 yh, 1887 jh, 1904 and 1905 half crowns which i regret now , but bills needed paid . I had to collect something in that time so went onto Notgeld . 3-4 thousand notgeld later ,I have went back to my coins . I had actually forgot about some of the pennies i had amassed when i was collecting .